Eat garlic raw cannot prevent cancer, especially 3 kinds of people eat profitless more, how to eat more nutrition?

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Uncle Liu has a habit, that is to eat every day to some raw garlic, sometimes rolls to eat, sometimes soak vinegar to eat, with his statement is to eat garlic can prevent cancer, therefore, even if his wife a face dislike the garlic taste in his mouth, he also does not think of it, not for a while to eat some chewing gum.After eating garlic, the mouth smells of garlic. Where does it come from?Is there any way to get rid of it?Now some young people do not like to eat garlic, because it is too strong, even if you eat a small bite, your breath will not be fresh all day long, and you will feel embarrassed to speak, and your breath will stink.And middle-aged people feel indifferent, or cancer prevention health care is the most important.Garlic doesn’t have that strong flavor when it’s whole, but once it’s “smashed”, the allinase in it is converted to allicin, a pungent taste that some love deeply and others turn up their noses at.And that’s not the end of it. Allicin enters the body and continues to decompose and ferment, producing a β acyl group that is acidic from the mouth to the breath under the baptism of stomach acid and blood.Only by brushing teeth, chewing gum is unable to get rid of it, may feel not smelly, but others smell smelly, so this time you need to eat other things to help, such as apples, mint leaves, lettuce, milk and so on.Although its taste is very high, but there are still a lot of people happy to eat garlic, just because they believe it can prevent cancer, garlic really has such ability?Unfortunately, raw ingredients in garlic garlic cannot prevent cancer has positive effect to the body, but the lack of a large number of clinical trials and data, some studies are only through the questionnaire form, there are many uncertain factors not taken into account, if any studies have confirmed that the sulfide can effect on cancer, it is in the laboratory and small animals, cannot say is effective to the human body.Moreover, purified garlic is not the same thing as raw garlic, and it is difficult to achieve the same effect.Based on these points alone, it can not be said to eat raw garlic to prevent cancer.Also, some people eat garlic with sugar, and the ingredients in the pickled garlic have changed, making it difficult to have any real effect.Say it sterilization is also some far-fetched, because there are many kinds of bacteria, do not know what bacteria under the premise of eating garlic is difficult to produce the effect, it is not what bacteria can kill, and how much garlic is also a problem, if eat less, bacteria is not easy to kill.In the end, it is not recommended to eat a lot of raw garlic, after all, it is very irritating, some people may eat gastrointestinal discomfort, even let the disease relapse.For example, in people with inflammation of the eye, the ingredients in garlic will be floating in the air, and it is easy to contaminate the cornea when peeling the garlic, which can make the eyes sting and tear, causing more pain.People with gastrointestinal inflammation, the mucosa itself is red and swollen, congestion, at this time to eat garlic will aggravate the pain, and even cause diarrhea.The person with exuberant irascience, constitution of this kind of person slants heat, original Yin deficiency is fervent, have the symptom such as palm calorific, halitosis, skin gives oil, below the stimulation of garlic, halitosis can be more serious, still can pour oil on fire, let irascience more exuberant.Therefore, do not hear that some food can prevent cancer on the desperately eat, first ask to prove its true or false, secondly is to see their own body can eat, and then the right amount to eat.How to eat garlic more nutritious?Grilled: Roasted garlic adds a soft texture and is less spicy, but it also contains fewer nutrients and can cause carcinogens if burnt.Beat broken to eat: used for cooking, to fish, meat to fishy effect is very good, steamed to eat better, help warm the stomach cold, greasy, promote nutrition absorption.Pureed garlic: It keeps the most of the ingredients in the garlic and does its job, but the effect is a placebo. Some people find it helpful, others don’t.Sugar garlic: many places will be pickled at home, sweet and sour refreshing, very meal, poor appetite of the elderly and pregnant women eat less nothing, but can not eat more.In short, garlic is a common seasoning, people who like to eat raw had better prepare some fruit and milk, keep the mouth fresh, but also pay attention to the body reaction, if the stomach and eyes feel uncomfortable after eating, do not eat again in the future.[1] Can eating more Garlic Fight Cancer?[2] Garlic is a treasure, often eat good health.[3] Eating raw garlic kills Bacteria?Can fight cancer?[4] It is sterilization, cancer prevention small expert, but the doctor suggested: these 5 people had better not eat. Taiyuan Radio & Television economy.2021-11-23