Clear Water Bay by accident

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Wanning city and Lingshui County border on a mountain, here is basically the boundary between tropical climate and subtropical climate.Lingshui County, the “climate zone”, belongs to the tropical region.Therefore, after arriving at Yingzhou Town, I decided to stay here instead of going to Sanya, because I heard that motorcycle taxis were banned in Sanya, so I didn’t want to go to the motorcycle taxis lifting area or study the detour route.Lingshui bus station to Sanya is just to warm up, and this town has almost and Haitang district connected together, the weather temperature should be no difference.Sea and sand are here.Waves, Sand After lunch, we went to check out the shoreline that belongs to the town, a place called Clearwater Bay.It must be my ignorance. This “Clear Water Bay” must be one of the most famous places in Sanya.The building is very beautiful, no matter residential life or entertainment, the supporting facilities are quite mature and perfect, the road from all over the country to the car, but also often traffic jam.Local cars with “Qiong” are definitely the most popular, followed by cars from the three northeastern provinces, while the third most popular number plate is “Chuan”, especially “Chuan A”.All kinds of luxury cars are also many, like the auto show on the road.Yacht dock night bike rambles, went to a called “red ridge” village, actually is also very lively, is still a lot of foreign cars, should be to the seaside fishing village to eat seafood night snack, spectacular scene, as scenic area.I had decided to rent a house here for a month until Guilin warmed up.But hesitated again, I do not want to be fixed up, or go where calculate which bar, perhaps tomorrow or the day after tomorrow will begin to go to haikou direction, this time pick the path, county road, township road and village road.Today is the fifth day, we call it “Po Wu”.From the first to the fifth day of the first lunar month, no household chores are allowed, such as cleaning the house, of course, washing dishes is definitely required, and simple floor cleaning is also allowed.Our ancestors probably established such a rule to let family members, who had worked hard all year, eat, drink, have fun, and rest well during those five days.I also had dumplings to bid farewell to the heart of the Spring Festival.Of course, different regions have different customs and cultures, what we should do is to respect each other, not mock each other.There are a lot of boring people!