China Stream music Group’s winter Olympics album was praised in a CCTV news report

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This activity is guided by the Promotion Association of Cross-strait People-to-people Exchanges, co-sponsored by the Cross-strait magazine, China Stream Music Group, etc. Lin Ming is the co-initiator of the activity, Dai Yancheng is the chief planner of the activity, xiamen Leshang Culture & Sports Industry Co., LTD., China Stream Music Academy co-undertook,China youth newspaper office as a strategic cooperation across the Taiwan strait “towards the games are the future” China streaming music album, face especially young musicians to collect original works on both sides of the Taiwan strait, obtain good social attention and response, the activities not only won the People’s Daily, China youth daily, xinhua and global times state-run media attention and the thumb up,At the same time also obtained CCTV news report to affirm.This activity on January 25, 10 days from the Countdown to the Olympic Games, the first online song “I wait for you in Beijing”, and the international strength of the music giant SONY music joined in the production and release, and the famous strength of the singer Huang Qishan lead singer, Feier Band.Seeps in composition and music production, famous host Zhu Zi (and famous actors Gao Yang, xu sunseeker diffuse participate in video recording, such as mutual chorus of young musicians on both sides of the strait, song is not only a beautiful melody, and collected a variety of compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan wishes “Beijing Olympics” MV screen, show the cross-straits youth celebrate the games are of positive significance,For this reason, the song gained good social response once it was released, and was highly concerned and affirmed by central media such as People’s Daily, China Youth Daily, and Guangming Net successively, thus gaining good social attention and response.The event and song “I’m Waiting for you in Beijing”, co-sponsored by China Stream Music Group, fully show the compatriots on both sides of the Taiwan Strait, welcome the Beijing Winter Olympic Games style!”.CCTV international News channel also paid attention to the report, and fully affirmed that this activity is conducive to promoting and deepening the cultural exchanges between the youth across the Taiwan Straits.As is known to all, Hualiu Music Group has been committed to creating the cultural industry content of “music youth positive energy”. The group has initially established the music + technology industry ecology of “music ACTIVITY IP+ music copyright + music training + music artificial intelligence technology and virtual singer”.In addition, China Stream Music Group has always been committed to assuming social responsibilities. In response to the call of national vocational education, it established a music art vocational education institution — China Stream Music Academy in October 2021, and is committed to promoting Original Chinese stream music and promoting excellent Chinese stream culture.Assembled the wenshan, Huang Yuxun, wheat Zheng junwei, Chinese pop star jay Chou music team of cooperation and super teachers team, at the same time also gathered in hunan satellite TV, iQIYI head music such as the music industry such as the variety show a glimmer of higher-ups faculty, therefore the flow into the games album is also China music group for its students through and “fusion” industry practice pathway,To shoulder and fulfill social responsibilities and contribute to the Beijing Winter Olympics