At 30, how can you be such a failure?

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People often say: no more doubts at 30!Yet, at 30, are you still a failed, ineffective, and lost person?Why??At the age of 30, most people will not be very successful.This is a great time and a stressful time.Since reform and opening up, China has experienced earth-shaking changes:The source of livelihood of the people from the basic requirements to quality improvement, the livelihood of the people the food of love from meet to eat a balanced, the livelihood of the people wear from season more than a dress to enjoy more than a quarter of clothes, the livelihood of the people from the “poor” to pay attention to enjoy, the abode of the livelihood of the people from the old crude to trip to spacious comfortable, the livelihood of the people from “discrepancy inconvenience” to “free”, the people’s livelihood from dull to the entertainment of rich and colorful, the livelihood of the people of this total employmentThe quantity continues to increase, people’s livelihood according to the social security comprehensive coverage.In 1978, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents was only 171 yuan. In 2017, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents reached 25,974 yuan, a real increase of 22.8 times over 1978 and an average annual increase of 8.5 percent.8.5% a year?Stocks wouldn’t dare go up like that!The vast majority of households are not satisfied with the average annual increase of 8.5% in disposable income, but they are satisfied with the dividend of reform and opening-up and the real estate dividend in the early stage.So their money accumulates rapidly, creating a huge gap between the rich and the poor.Two kinds of people live under the same sky, coupled with the current information is too fast and diversified, the strong contrast makes the vast majority of people embarrassed, wife: you see other people’s husband can live in a mansion and drive a luxury car at the age of 30!Look at other husbands making millions a year!Watch someone’s husband change her designer bag for a month!A 100-square-meter house in a second-tier city costs about 2 million yuan. With a down payment of 600,000 yuan, you will have to pay back the loan of 7 or 8 thousand yuan a month for 30 years. How can you afford to buy luxury cars and designer handbags with a monthly salary of 10,000 yuan?So, ordinary, not your fault!Have you ever seen a man with a simple dress but a god in his eyes?Have you ever seen a man who speaks softly but whose steps are firm?The people of this era are lucky and unfortunate, he does not depend on the judgment of outsiders, but depends on my subjective feelings!You think this time you are unfortunate, then you are unfortunate;If you think you are lucky in this era, then you are lucky. I don’t think it is pure idealism, but rather, I think it is a great philosophical thought of this era.Those who feel lucky all have ideals they want to protect, whether it is to give their children a better education environment, or to realize their dream of becoming an artist, or to buy their own house in the city.They have become you and me in this era, stepping in a hurry but stepping solidly for their ideals.Are they ordinary?Very ordinary, ordinary like you and me!They may not be able to call out in the community, nor can they do a commanding presence!Even a lot of times are disgraced, but it does not affect their spiritual abundance, they do not fail!So, people, must have ideal and pursuit!Would you like to be a man who dresses simply but has a bright eye?Would you like to be the one who speaks softly but walks firmly?