Zhangjiachuan County Museum held Spring Festival social education activities

2022-05-02 0 By

New Tianshui News bathed in the first ray of sunshine of the New Year, filled with the joy of the festival, zhangjiachuan County Museum ushered in the “Golden tiger welcome spring, golden eggs send happiness” theme social education activities.Teenagers and parents gathered to smash golden eggs amid screams and cheers to welcome the New Year.At the beginning of the activity, the guide led us to visit the basic exhibition of the museum. While browsing the exhibits, we learned about the historical and cultural knowledge of Zhangjiachuan County and the cultural knowledge of Majiayuan Xirong.The twelve zodiac Yin Tiger is worth the age, zhangjiachuan County museum held the “tiger tiger begets happiness” New Year zodiac cultural relics picture exhibition, let the children understand the tiger shaped cultural relics across the country, stimulate the patriotism of teenagers.Each golden egg is hidden “mystery”, in the social education teacher’s command, hit the golden egg activity officially began, the scene from time to time came bursts of laughter, hit the golden egg, receive the prize, happy smile is permeated with every child’s face.This activity is attended by children and parents, which is beneficial to enhance parent-child emotional communication and healthy growth of body and mind. It combines teaching with fun, integrates knowledge into games, develops children’s intelligence, improves operational ability, reaction and creativity, and enables teenagers to get all-round development.