When it was The turn of China and Russia to watch the play, Germany reminded Biden that he could do it, and the US media took the first step to fight against Germany

2022-05-02 0 By

Recently, the US media reported an article quoting Washington Observer columnist Tom Logan, entitled “Is Germany a Reliable ALLY of the US? No”, arguing that Germany is no longer a loyal ally of the US.Citing the current Ukraine issue as an example, Logan said there are clear signs of disagreement between Germany and the United States on the issue.While the United States and NATO are trying to deal with Russia, Germany regards Russia’s interests as more important than NATO’s. Therefore, Germany is no longer a reliable ally when western countries are facing the so-called “security threat” from China and Russia.Germany was bombarded for not following the United States in the first place.It is worth mentioning that Before this, Germany refused to provide arms to Ukraine, refused to allow British transport planes providing military assistance to Ukraine to fly beyond German airspace, and put pressure on the US on the nord Stream 2 natural gas pipeline project.Even German Chancellor Schulz has personally stated that when western countries try to impose strong economic sanctions on Russia to deter Russia, he not only does not suggest the West to do so against Russia, but claims that as long as Germany does not follow up, western countries cannot sanction Russia.A series of moves by Germany now seem to have become a “fuse”, can make the outside world wonder why Germany suddenly so defend Russia?Some outside analysts pointed out that this is because Germany needs Russian gas, fearing that following the footsteps of the United States would infuriate Putin and lead to “cut off” gas supplies to Germany.In fact, this is only part of the problem. Many Countries in Europe, including Germany, are waking up to the fact that a series of American actions are deliberately creating regional tensions.It may be good for the United States to create a confrontation between NATO and Russia to increase its influence in the region, but for European countries, it has seriously damaged European interests.In short, it is not in the interests of European countries to continue to antagonize Russia. On the contrary, cooperation with Russia can solve the situation of Confrontation between European countries and Russia while improving the EU’s global influence to some extent.It is clear that it is not just Germany that needs gas. Much of Europe is heavily dependent on Russian gas.Surely these countries are not going to lose their “lives” because they curry favor with the US?On the other hand, there is no reason for this report.Germany is the Germany of the European Union, not the Germany of the United States. Why should the country be a loyal ally of the United States when it is not on the side of the United States?Moreover, the article also mentioned China and criticized Germany for developing friendly relations with China, which is unreasonable.Attacking Germany because it tried to get off the US chariot?The US should be clear that European countries, including Germany, are not instruments of ITS hegemonic interests.From this point of view, it is highly likely that the US media is trying to save face by claiming that Germany is no longer a loyal ally of the US.After all, Germany’s recent moves have been toward China and Russia. It would be better to take Germany out of the picture first than wait for the outside world to think that the United States is out of its league.This way, at least can not let oneself lose so embarrassing.However, the US media did not expect that by turning on Germany, they would help China and Russia by completely pushing Germany into the camp of China and Russia.It has to be said that the Americans are stupid enough to give China and Russia a “big gift” and let them watch the drama of European division for free.(DORA)