To offer the world a wonderful, extraordinary and excellent Olympic Games (cheers for the Winter Olympics)

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Volunteers provide services to foreign journalists at the photo service desk of the main media Center of Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 3, 2018.A foreign journalist takes a meal at the Wisdom restaurant of the main media center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games in Beijing, capital of China, Feb. 3, 2018.On the evening of February 4, the opening ceremony of the 2022 Winter Olympics will be held in Beijing, and the eyes of the world will be on China, the top event in the snow and ice sports.From the preparation to the opening, from the stage to the backstage, from the Olympic concept to the stadium……Many foreign media have focused their attention on the Beijing Winter Olympics from different perspectives, praising China’s orderly preparations in the midst of epidemic prevention and control, its vision of a green, inclusive, open and clean Olympics, and expressing their hopes for the future together.Keyboards clatter as reporters from all over the world gather inside the main media Center of Beijing Winter Olympics to tell the story of the games.”Good luck to all the athletes and thank You Beijing” “Well organized” “Thank you for your warm welcome” “Let’s look forward to the future” “I wish the Beijing Winter Olympics a complete success”…On the message board set up at the service desk of the main media Center, delegations and media reporters left messages to record their eagerness for the Beijing Winter Olympics.”Beijing is ready for the Olympics,” he said.It is a matter of national pride that Beijing will be the only city in the world to have hosted both the Summer and winter Olympic Games, france-Presse reported.At the same time, the Winter Olympics brought more and more Chinese people to participate in snow and ice sports, and China’s snow and ice industry developed rapidly.Brazilian sports website Burning Olympics reported that the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a historic event.More than 300 million people have participated in snow and ice sports in China since the country won the bid in 2015, and more and more young people are getting into sports.Russian daily Izvestia published an article titled “How Beijing is Preparing for the Winter Olympics” to introduce China’s epidemic prevention and control measures during the Winter Olympics.China is fully prepared to host the Winter Olympics, which will be held successfully, safely and smoothly, the article said.Egypt’s Al-Ahram Evening News commented that the hosting of the Winter Olympics as scheduled has brought confidence to athletes and sports circles around the world.China’s efforts in epidemic prevention and control, environmental protection and high-tech applications during preparations for the Winter Olympics deserve admiration and admiration.The rigorous attitude and scientific approach of the Beijing Olympic Winter Games organizing Committee will be one of the important reasons for the success of the Games.A comment on the website of South African state television said that China has overcome the huge challenges posed by COVID-19 and successfully organized the Winter Olympics, once again proving its excellent governance ability. The international community expects China to deliver a wonderful, extraordinary and outstanding Olympic Games to the world.China’s independent media website published a commentary titled “Beijing Winter Olympics Symbolize unyielding humanistic Spirit,” saying that the Beijing Winter Olympics have filled the world with beautiful expectations and ignited the common dream of all mankind.As a peace-loving and sports-loving country, South Africa fully supports and eagerly looks forward to the upcoming Beijing Winter Olympics.The 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing made an important contribution to global economic recovery.The 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics take place against a backdrop of multiple challenges to global development, and solidarity and friendship among nations have never been more important.Kenya’s leading newspaper, The Nation, said in a commentary that China will successfully host the Beijing Winter Olympics and the Olympic spirit will surely prevail.The preparations for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games have been fruitful, and the international community has full confidence and expectations for the games.As a platform for cross-cultural exchanges and talent training, the Hosting of the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics will be a victory for all mankind, play an important role in the global recovery from COVID-19, and inspire people of all countries to work together to meet global challenges and create a better world in the post-COVID-19 era.The features of science, technology, wisdom, green and frugality of the Beijing Winter Olympics have also attracted a lot of attention from foreign media.Brazil’s R7 television reported that “science and technology” is an important element of the Beijing Winter Olympics, and the concept of “science and technology winter Olympics” will facilitate the development and application of new technologies.A six-legged ski robot developed by Shanghai Jiao Tong University has completed tests with impressive results, the report said.Ski robot not only embodies the concept of “science and technology winter Olympics”, but also brought best-selling products for the future market.A new Olympic version of the Fuxing smart bullet train has been put into operation ahead of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Website of El Espanyol reported recently.The train can carry up to 564 passengers in a fleet of eight.It is worth noting that the train has achieved full coverage of 5G network, and the UHD live broadcast studio built on 5G technology can realize the long-term and stable transmission of UHD signals.The train will also have an intelligent driving function that can drive itself at 350 kilometers per hour.The reporter for Russia’s Channel one was on a speeding train on the beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway.In the train, reporters can not only taste the coffee made by the robot, but also use high-speed Internet to work.Hundreds of 5G base stations will be built for the Winter Olympics, allowing high-speed Internet connections to flow through the tunnels.Rossiya Gazeta focuses on the technological and environmental features of the Beijing Winter Olympics.”The transformation of the water Cube into the Ice Cube, the use of 100% green energy in all venues and the use of hundreds of hydrogen-fuelled buses are all examples of organizers’ efforts to make the Beijing Winter Olympics a” green “games,” the report said.French newspaper Le Libre Sur reported that the traditional cut flowers will be replaced with hand-knitted bouquets, which are “permanent flowers”.The hand-woven flowers not only embody the green and sustainable spirit of the Games, but also send a message of love and strength that will help medal winners retain the memory of the Games for longer.Beijing welcomes athletes from all over the world with open arms News website Middle East Online reported that Beijing welcomed athletes from all over the world with open arms.In the Olympic Village, the smart restaurant is full of science and technology, and there are hundreds of dishes, which meet the dietary tastes and religious habits of athletes from different countries and regions.The village is equipped with all kinds of equipment and transportation to help athletes concentrate on the competition.The website of Spain’s La Vanguardia reported the smart restaurant in the Winter Olympics media center via video.The restaurant is staffed by robots, from chef to waiter. When diners place their orders, the dishes are cooked by robots and then automatically delivered to their tables via a cloud track in the sky.Journalists covering the Winter Olympics were among the first diners to experience it.”Chinese doctors can slide down steep snow slopes and be responsible for providing protection for athletes injured during the Winter Olympics.”Agence France-Presse introduced the Medical support team of the Winter Olympics. Chinese doctors with alpine skiing skills and English communication skills can arrive at athletes within four minutes to provide emergency medical services if they are injured during the competition.The warm hospitality of the Chinese people and the festive atmosphere of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger have also been highlighted by many overseas media.Ria Novosti reported on the Spring Festival elements in the Winter Olympic village.The winter Olympics will be held during the Spring Festival, a traditional Chinese festival, and the village will be decorated with red lanterns and paper cuttings of the Chinese character for happiness, giving foreign athletes a strong festive atmosphere, the report said.Malaysia’s Star online reported that volunteers are ready for the Beijing Winter Olympics.About 19,000 blue-uniformed volunteers will be stationed in and around the venues to provide information and translation services, help athletes and help with emergencies.Volunteers will play a vital role in this world class sporting event and will also enable guests from around the world to better understand China.(People’s Daily)