I Love My Home: I Love My Country

2022-05-02 0 By

On a long winter’s night, nothing can be heard but the sound of snow beating on Windows and doors, nothing can be heard but the sound of thunder and delirium of my sleeping wife.No absolutely not years static good because in the Chinese nation prosperous time quiet quiet songs of flourishing prosperity skin care homes in unique but best in the world to its outside the forest in the huaxia nation the standing how many local wars how many local failure, how many places shows that four how many places have the dark clouds of war but our great motherland has one billion four hundred million Chinese sons and daughtersZhongXingPengYue to motherland mother holding in her hand there are 56 nationalities 56 flowers 56 nationalities is one of the feelings that the flowers were blossoming flowers are sunny flower we have communist party like the sun according to where where bright the strong leadership of the communist party of China the big garden of our national unity of the world is really like the poet said that the only good view of the sunrise east west rain isThe sun of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation will shine up like sunrise. The East will light up the world and warm the human world.