The woman was asked to compensate 89,000 yuan for her grade 10 disability after she fell and helped the elderly

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In Zigong, Sichuan province, a 76-year-old man slipped in the rain and couldn’t stand up. Several women passing by joined forces to help the man, including a 53-year-old woman surnamed Yu.After helping the old man up, Ms. Yu felt pain in her spine and dared not stand up straight.Arrived a hospital examination is fracture, and be judged finally 10 class disable.Yu spent a total of 89,000 yuan, which she felt she owed to help the elderly.But the old man and his family all think this money should not compensate, this case hit the court.Court after find out, in ms after found the old man in dangerous condition, regardless of their own safety to rescue the old man, this is to belong to warm, folk as the saying goes, is in ms is a good man, our law does not make a good man said bloody tears, so the civil code of the special conditions of set up a good man, is the article one hundred and eighty-four of the civil code.If the infringer is unknown, the infringer escapes or the infringer is unable to bear the liability for compensation, the beneficiary shall make appropriate compensation.This case is caused by the rainy day natural weather, there is no infringer, only the beneficiary and the injured Ms. Yu, the beneficiary is the old gentleman.Ms. Yu helped the old man hurt, the old man must give her proper compensation.It’s not compensation, it’s compensation.Because the old gentleman is not at fault, he did not beat or anything to the lady, so it is not compensation.Finally, the court ordered the gentleman to compensate the lady 45,000 yuan, which very well confirmed the good man clause in the Civil Code.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to longjun observation