The development plan for TV dramas during the 14th Five-year Plan emphasizes “four constructions” and opposes sky-high remuneration

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On February 10, the National Radio and Television Administration issued the development Plan for Chinese TV dramas during the 14th Five-year Plan period, pointing out the direction for accelerating the high-quality development of Chinese TV dramas and building China into a power of TV dramas.At present, Chinese TV dramas have turned to the stage of high-quality development, with a solid foundation and good momentum, and have many advantages and conditions for continued development.The 14th Five-year Plan period is still an important period of strategic opportunities for the development of Chinese TV dramas, but both opportunities and challenges have new developments and changes. The problem of unbalanced and inadequate development still exists, and the task of reform and innovation is arduous.”Planning” to anchor in 2035 built vision cultural power in our country, from the creative side, the side of the market, industry, promoting the construction of new era TV series boutique creative, high standard TV market system, promoting the construction of international communication and international cooperation, innovation high quality TV talent team, etc you make arrangements to the television industry development.Creation side: the most front of promoting fine creation and innovative TV drama creation is the choice of theme style.In this regard, the “Planning” proposed to encourage the creation and production of TV dramas of various genres, styles and styles, such as rural areas, youth, history, frontier, science fiction and other themes, as well as time reports, indoor dramas, series and unit dramas, so as to form a vivid scene of flowers blooming together.During the 14th Five-year Plan period, more than 10 themed TV series with profound ideas, exquisite art and excellent production are launched every year.In recent years, the creation of TV dramas aimed at important time nodes, to see the big, created together, Mountain and Sea feelings, Awakening Era, Ideal Shine on China and other fine dramas showing different themes of different times, different environments, Chinese people struggle hard, show a positive outlook.However, there are still more stories waiting to be discovered and told in China, so different themes and styles need to be used for more diversified expressions.In addition to the choice of theme style, Planning also emphasizes the need to enhance original creativity and innovation ability and improve quality in the creation process.On the one hand, it requires creators to “go deep into life and take root with the people” in the process of creation.On the one hand, playwriting, as a source, also needs to be taken seriously.The content creation level of Chinese TV series has reached a certain level, but there is still a long way to go in the research and development of TV series technology.In terms of technology, planning specifically proposes that the production process of TV series in 4K ultra HD will be basically realized during the 14th Five-Year Plan period.It also supports the research and development of common basic technologies for the TV drama industry, and promotes the establishment of the TV drama Production laboratory of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.For creation, change starts from the top down and from the inside out. To promote the high-quality development of Chinese TV dramas, it is necessary to coordinate the development of the whole industry chain and improve the overall industrialization level of the industry.As proposed in “Planning”, it is necessary to establish a quality management system for the whole process of TV drama creation and production, carry out technological innovation and improve the production process, improve the industrialization level of TV drama production, and achieve technological innovation and upgrading of the whole chain of TV drama shooting, production, storage, transmission, evaluation and supervision.Market side:In early 2021, actor Zheng Shuang was reported to have been paid 160 million yuan for 77 days of filming, with an average daily salary of 2.08 million yuan. It was also involved in tax evasion, and behind it, it was also involved in the production company Beijing Culture company’s performance fraud. This “high salary” is not uncommon in the entertainment industry.Star “yin-yang contract”, ratings fraud, lack of awareness of intellectual property protection, video platform monopoly…Disorder is common in the TV drama market.How to regulate the market order has been the focus of public attention, and the “Plan” also provides targeted solutions.As early as February 2020, the National Radio and Television Administration issued the Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of The Creation and Production of TV Dramas on The Network. It stipulated that the total remuneration of all actors in a TV series should not exceed 40% of the total production cost, and the remuneration of main actors should not exceed 70% of the total production cost.”Planning” will continue to emphasize this provision, resolutely opposed actors “sky-high remuneration”.At the same time, the implementation of “TV drama creation and production information commitment system”.Inform the production organization of content management, actors management and remuneration management.In view of the audience rating problem that caused disputes among all parties, “Planning” proposed to strengthen the application and promotion of China’s audiovisual big data (CVB), standardize the TV series ratings data survey and release order, solve the outstanding problems of TV series ratings survey, promote the organic combination of data statistical survey analysis and comprehensive TV series evaluation mechanism.In the future, ratings will no longer be the “pork” or the core criterion of popularity.The awareness of INTELLECTUAL property protection in TV dramas has always been neglected. The phenomenon of infringement of video network we-media clips and plagiarism of famous scriptwriters sometimes occurs. The State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) has taken notice of this and will strengthen the whole chain protection of INTELLECTUAL property in TV dramas and enhance the awareness of respecting and protecting intellectual property in the whole industry.And strengthen the TV drama market credit system construction, according to law and regulations to improve cross-industry, cross-department credit joint punishment mechanism.In addition to the above points aimed at regulating the market order, “Planning” also gives examples to explain how to stimulate the vitality of TV drama market subjects.”During the 14th five-year plan period, we will build 10 to 15 TV drama enterprises with strong creation and production capacity.And guide Internet platforms to give full play to their advantages in scale, data and technology to participate in the creation, production and operation of TV dramas in an orderly manner, and actively promote the healthy and prosperous TV drama market.”The plan also calls for “zero tolerance” for actors and agencies involved in illegal acts such as tax evasion, “yin-yang contracts” and “sky-high salaries”.In addition to cleaning up the TV drama industry, we should do a good job in talent team construction.First, we will strengthen the building of leading talents.The leaders are the pioneers and role models of the industry, and the feelings they experience in the creative process are the most representative.Therefore, it is necessary to find and cultivate high-level TV drama creation talents in the theme creation line.Secondly, we should also improve the TV talent training system.In addition to experienced and professional leaders, it is also worth paying attention to the cultivation and use of young creative talents. Although they are less experienced and inexperienced, their energy can not be underestimated.With leading figures and backup talents, echelon has been formed. Only when echelon is built, can the industry develop sustainably.Strengthening the education and training of employees is also the top priority of the industry development.For example, training classes for young actors and agents are organized for young actors and agents. Courses on ideology, politics, professional quality, laws and regulations are arranged to educate and guide relevant employees to strengthen their responsibilities, consciously abide by laws and regulations, and become TV drama workers with both political integrity and professional integrity.In conclusion, the planning from the creative side, the side of the market, industry, have put forward to the future development of Chinese TV planning and ideas, in the grasp strategic global support model creation, market system construction, the enhancement construction, team construction, the construction of laws and regulations and so on each work, booming production works creation, especially the showcaseImprove the quality benefit and core competitiveness of the TV drama industry.It is believed that under the common changes and progress at the national level, the market level, the industry level and the employees themselves, Chinese TV dramas will certainly develop with high quality and make positive contributions to building a powerful country in TV dramas and socialist culture.Read today’s headline | sohu, sina | sina weibo