The appointment for maternal and child care center of our hospital has started

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Our mother-baby care center is our service concept of “all for people’s health” once again, mother-baby care center relying on our strong medical professional and technical platform, with senior obstetrics, pediatrics, rehabilitation, regions, nutrition, psychology consulting expert team as the core, to provide the maternal and infant care services as the leading factor,Set professional maternal and child care, postpartum beauty body repair, professional pelvic floor rehabilitation, nutrition meal, baby SPA, swimming, early and early education as one, warm suite, food, clothing, housing and care, 24 hours one to one escort.Provide comprehensive, hospital – style postpartum health management for puerpera and babies.Booking now can enjoy the preferential policy and VIP gift package.Exquisite small set: door market price 32800 yuan, opening discount 22800 yuan Respect enjoy edge set: door market price 35800 yuan, opening discount 25800 yuan luxury double set: door market price 56800 yuan, opening discount 45800 yuan address: Linfen People’s Hospital no. 5 building maternal and child care Center appointment phone:0357 — 2690388 2690399 Responsible Editor: Ling Jinmei Review: Xu Hongxing