Rebirth tang 3: mixed blood all has bewitch god to change, Tang 3 find another way, xuan Tian gong helped a lot

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Introduction: The hybrid children have a demon god change, Tang SAN found another way, xuan Tian help a lot.Tang Sansuo rebirth of the local demon mainland, is a human survival difficult world.Ordinary human beings here have no ability, the two tribes have talent ability, let tang three very melancholy.However, tang SAN after saving the mask man, Tang SAN finally obtained new ability, can let Tang SAN accelerate stronger.Mask male called Zhu Jiaxin, because the assassination of the wind Wolf Lord failed to be killed by the Wolf.Although he killed a third order Wolf with the demon god changed jedi, Tang three also made a move to solve a, but Zhu Jiaxin injured life soon.However, tang three or heard what he wanted to know.According to Zhu Jiaxin, his ability to transform just now is a demon.Demon demon is the blood connection between humans and goblins, so they can inherit the blood power of both goblins, that is, hybrids have demon demon.Tang three had no contact with the hybrid before, naturally do not know that humans can have such ability.But tang three have a problem, the demon god change can only be a hybrid through blood inheritance to have it?Zhu Jiaxin pointed out that it is not, then talked about another way to get the demon god change, is to have the demon god change of human beings will be deprived of their own demon god change power down after inheritance to others, others fit good can get the inheritance of the demon God change.Only, generally few people will be willing to give their own demon god for free to others.Therefore, this is not a good way for Tang SAN, Tang SAN just find another way, ask Zhu Jiaxin can be deprived of the demon god from the two tribes of the demon.If Zhu Jiaxin can answer, Tang three certainly did so.Anyway, the two groups of goblins are the enemies of human beings, so there is no problem to rob their magic power.But, Zhu Jiaxin is not clear, but Zhu Jiaxin feel that pure human absorption of the demon god of the two tribes may cause blood disorders and death.So, Zhu Jiaxin is probably think tang SAN want to get the demon god change, and Tang SAN will kill the Wolf at least prove that he and the demon is not a position, Zhu Jiaxin and optimistic about tang SAN, naturally willing to change their own demon god to Tang SAN.Tang three did not refuse, but immediately began to absorb the power of the demon God.But make Tang three accident is, although the strength of the demon god change wild, can xuan Tian gong has helped a lot, easily help Tang three fusion of the force.Tang three then whim, began to operate xuantian work to absorb the force of the demon god of the Wolf.Did not expect tang three that the idea of a different way can be implemented, the force of the demon god of the Wolf was completely absorbed by tang three, and tang three also have no uncomfortable feeling.Later, tang three, will be another Wolf demon demon god force absorption, will be their traces clean, left the forest to return to his home, so as not to find other wolves to find Zhu Jiaxin trouble.