“Peace Blue” can be seen everywhere in the Scenic spot “Open”

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On February 4th, the fourth day of the Lunar New Year, the streets of Shencheng were filled with joy and festive atmosphere.In this time of gathering, the public security bureau in shenyang muddy south branch of checkerboard mesa public security local police station, marina police station (auxiliary) police on duty people give up rest, uninterrupted patrol in the chessboard hill scenic area, the hidden perils, begin the conduct propaganda against fraud, they use a loyal and bear the “safety barrier”, build a scenic spot scenic spot can be seen everywhere in “blue” safe and sound.During the Spring Festival, 15,000 tourists come to shenyang Chess Mountain Scenic Spot every day to play, play snow and enjoy lanterns, feeling the northern customs in the middle of winter.Hunnan Public Security sub-bureau Chishan police station on duty police, daily 9 to 20 uninterrupted to Chishan Ice and snow World, Shengjing Lantern Festival and parking lot for security patrol prevention and control.At the same time, guide and manage tourists to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control work at epidemic prevention and control points, and do a good job of temperature scanning code registration.While maintaining the order of scenic spots, anti-fraud propaganda is carried out for tourists, and “National Anti-fraud Center” App and “Golden Bell Jar” warning mini program are installed.The video surveillance of key parts of the scenic spot shall be arranged by special personnel for real-time viewing, so as to ensure the good public order of The Chess Mountain Ice and Snow Festival and provide good park experience for tourists.At noon on February 3rd, chipanshan police station received a report that a ski resort tourist Liu Sheng lost his mobile phone worth 6000 yuan. Cui Hongyang, police officer, sun Hai, auxiliary police searched for half an hour through monitoring, and finally found his lost mobile phone under the ski bench.During the Spring Festival, wang Bin police station police to the area of the ski resort for inspection, investigation security risks.To check the maintenance of ski resort safety facilities, security personnel on duty and the implementation of the safety system, to ensure that tourists can relax skiing and travel safely.Shenyang Daily, Shenyang Newspaper all media director reporter Li Xin article source: Le Ju buy a house