Now also players move block is what psychology, nothing more than these three kinds of people, this is the fun of manual block

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Although there are more and more cars with automatic transmission now, the students who learn manual transmission in driving schools are still much more than automatic transmission.Although there are a lot of people joke that C1 is not called a driver’s license, C2 is the real driver’s license, only the disabled people learn automatic transmission, but now the situation in the car market is that there are more automatic transmission, or it is a manual integration, only relatively cheap cars will not have automatic transmission.But now there are still a lot of people when they buy a car will choose manual shift cars, that when buying a car to choose manual shift is what kind of psychology?There are only three kinds of people.First, the students who just took the test and obtained the driver’s license, the idea is to buy a manual shift can practice, for many students who just came out of the driving school, but is it really the case?Block, a lot of people will want to buy a manual block to practice hand, the idea in the mind is that if you can open manual block on the road very smoothly, then buy automatic block is not too late.Second, as we said at the beginning, the price of manual transmission car is much lower than that of manual transmission or automatic transmission, so some people who are relatively poor but need a car or have other needs will choose to buy manual transmission.Third, listen to others cheat, said manual block fun, I believe a lot of people just out of the driving school sneer said automatic drive boring, only the brake and throttle experience not really driving feeling, one hand touch the steering wheel, one hand gear is driving really romantic, simple to say: in order to look, but the fact is really like this?For the pursuit of driving experience, of course, shift cooperate and experience the roar of the engine throttle clutch, really let a person have driving experience, but it just a wide roads and less traffic, if you met a traffic jam, frequent change back into a withdraw gap and control the clutch, there would be no fun will only feel very tired.So if you’re driving in a crowded city, a lot of people will choose automatic transmission over manual transmission because it’s too tiring to drive manual.So manual and automatic transmission have their own characteristics, different demand groups, what kind of gear to buy the car is also different.To sum up the advantages of automatic gear: automatic gear all operations are controlled by the configuration and high-tech car, open comfortable, simple, and can properly avoid fatigue driving.Disadvantages: the price is slightly higher than manual gear, automatic gear can not use neutral driving, with the engine speed higher than idle more, so as to form a difference in fuel consumption, increase fuel consumption.Manual block advantages: manual block fuel, low car price.For old drivers, manual drive up more safe, low maintenance costs, more fun to drive.Disadvantages: For novice drivers, manual gear is generally difficult to drive, easy to hang wrong gear when driving on the road, leading to panic, affect safety, easy to fatigue in long-distance driving.So automatic transmission and manual transmission have advantages and disadvantages, depending on how different people choose, want to simple driving and also have a certain economic basis, you can choose automatic transmission, driving up is very simple and comfortable.For those who are confident in their driving skills and want to enjoy driving without spending too much money on the car, manual transmission is an option.Pictures from the network, infringement contact deleted