Lanzhou’s crackdown on road occupation has helped in epidemic prevention and control

2022-05-01 0 By

Gansu Network, China On March 15, according to gansu Daily reported (New Gansu · Gansu Daily reporter Xue Yan) in recent days, Lanzhou City Urban management Committee supervised the city’s urban management and law enforcement departments to focus on the operation of road occupation, helping the city’s epidemic prevention and control work.Focusing on the main and secondary roads, back streets and alleys in urban areas as well as public places with dense traffic, Lanzhou Urban Management Committee supervises the centralized regulation of road blocking operations and various mobile stalls around various agricultural (market) markets, flower and bird markets, supermarkets, shopping malls and the surrounding areas of enclosed and controlled communities.At the same time, a team of epidemic prevention and control commandos and a group directly under the team were organized to carry out inspections in key places in the way of “working on the road”, finding problems and handing them over in time.We will supervise county seat law enforcement departments in all districts to increase the intensity and frequency of inspections and resolutely prevent the spread of the epidemic to society through business practices that occupy territory.In addition, the county seat law enforcement departments of all districts were urged to actively publicize and explain epidemic prevention and control policies and relevant requirements, and guide merchants and units along the street to consolidate their epidemic prevention and control responsibilities and implement epidemic prevention and control measures.Urban management law enforcement team members were organized to persuade people to gather in public places for sex, enhance the awareness of epidemic prevention, and build a solid defense line for epidemic prevention and control.