Is that lost little pigeon From Taiwan?Gao an guo: Who blocks the way home god can’t bear

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During the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the “little pigeon left behind” in the program “Shining Snowflake” aroused endless speculation among public opinion on both sides of the Strait. Is this “lost little pigeon” a metaphor for Taiwan?Most Mainland netizens say so, while some Taiwanese green media are sour, claiming that the mainland is taking advantage of the Winter Olympics to take advantage of Taiwan’s “tofu”.Zhou Xuan, assistant to DPP legislator Ke Chien-ming, saw this “little pigeon” falling behind and drew a conclusion that Taiwan’s future is extremely dangerous, which shows the mentality of “Taiwan independence” activists.Whether this “lost little pigeon” is a metaphor for Taiwan is not important. What is important is that Taiwan has been separated from the mainland for decades, and it is time to go home.The international landscape and system are undergoing profound readjustment. Amid “profound changes unseen in a century”, Taiwan is in a crucial position to see whether China can take advantage of the momentum and achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.Because of Taiwan’s geographical importance, the United States, which competes fiercely with China, uses Taiwan as an important pawn and tries to use Taiwan to choke China’s development.Japan, because it once colonized Taiwan, also wants to renew its old dream of colonizing Taiwan in this changing situation. Moreover, “Taiwan independence” forces represented by the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) on the island form three big stumbling blocks in the reunification of the two sides.Of these three big stumbling blocks, America is the biggest.The United States is the “backer” of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) in its “Taiwan independence” campaign, and at the same time the object of ingratiation by the Kuomintang (KMT) and the Democratic Party in Taiwan. Therefore, the United States’ interference in China’s internal affairs has a certain “public opinion” basis.The reason why there is such an irrational “public opinion” is the result of the long-term “operation” of the United States in Taiwan.At first, the United States dealt with the Kuomintang in the era of the Two Chiang Kai-shek, supporting “Taiwan independence” at heart, but the two Chiang Kai-shek were nationalists and resolutely did not pursue “Taiwan independence”, so the United States could only support the two Chiang Kai-shek to maintain the status quo.After the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party (DPP) came into power, it was more in line with the intention of “controlling China with China”. Therefore, the United States abandoned the KMT and supported the DPP. Now, it is because the DPP’s policies are more in line with the interests of the United States.As for the Democratic Party, it has just submitted a petition to the United States for its future control of Taiwan.The second stumbling block is the Democratic Progressive Party traitors group.This evil group started as a fraud and deceived the public opinion of Taiwan. At first, lee Teng-hui, the “godfather of Taiwan independence”, helped the group to steal the political power of Taiwan.Then he seized power again from the weak Ma Ying-jeou.Ma Ying-jeou’s policy of “no unification, no independence and no military force” provided space for the DPP to develop and grow, and in the past eight years, the DPP has further expanded.It can be said that it is the KMT that is not resolute in its opposition to “Taiwan independence” and nursed and nourished the DPP.To use the metaphor of “Mr Dongguo and the Wolf”, the DPP is the Wolf, and the KUOMINTANG under Ma Ying-jeou is Mr Dongguo.The third stumbling block is Japan.Japan is the smallest stumbling block. It is America’s sidekick, but it is bound to bite in the process of reunification.Why do you say so? Because Japan has a deep Taiwan complex and wants to achieve its own goals by borrowing the strength of the United States.Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe revealed Japan’s true intentions by saying, “If Taiwan happens, it will happen to Japan and the Japan-U.S. alliance.”Japan’s “concern” for Taiwan is a Wolf’s “concern” for Taiwan. What it smells is the “meat smell” of Taiwan, not anything else.Homesickness still lingers after the New Year.Taiwan island is talking about “lost little pigeon”, in fact, Taiwan is not “lost”, it is “left behind” because it was deliberately led by the Democratic Progressive Party, deviated from the road of peaceful reunification.In order to curry favor with Japan, the Traitors group of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) will probably lift the ban on Japan’s Fukushima nuclear food ban again this month.”Nuclear food” is changed to “blessing food”. In this way, the foolish people of the green camp are determined to be deceived.We are not “lost” little pigeons, but were kidnapped by the DEMOCRATIC Progressive Party traitors group “little pigeons”, who can lead us back home?