Hu Meixia: I lived in another country

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New Year’s Day just passed, I planned to go home for the New Year.Year is the traditional custom of the Chinese nation, is the most grand festival, busy people can fight 360 days outside, outside chuang, not cold heat, do not fear hardship and suffering.But before the New Year’s Eve, no matter how far, no matter how much money will come back home from all directions, enjoy the happiness of the family together.Year is the call of the home, is the harbor of the soul, is the warmth of homecoming, is to accompany children with women, regurgitate the joy of parents, is around the New Year’s eve dinner wine and happiness.Hard a year, I especially look forward to the arrival of the year, only the Chinese New Year we a family of three can be together.My son is studying for a PhD in Shanghai, I am working in Beijing, and my old man is staying at home. The three of us are in different places, sticking to our respective responsibilities. We are independent but interdependent.My son bought the ticket on 24th, and I booked the ticket on 27th. The old gentleman who stayed at home said that as soon as you two came back, we would have a good meal for the Spring Festival.The old gentleman’s blood sugar was high, and he mainly relied on coarse grains. The most important reason was that he was lonely at home, and only His dog Huanhuan (puppy) had been raised for 14 years.New Year is the common hope of our family. We are far apart and cherish the warm time waiting for each other.The plan still failed to catch up with the changes. Twenty days before the New Year, the epidemic disrupted the plan to return home.First, when the epidemic came from Shanghai, my son asked for my advice. I decided to let him return his ticket home. Although I was looking forward to reuniting with my son, I didn’t want him to take any risks.Then, fengtai, where I live, saw a resurgence of the epidemic, and it became uncertain whether to go back home.With the increasing number of confirmed cases, the epidemic prevention and control measures are becoming more and more strict. When I returned home, I not only offered community, nucleic acid, but also isolated. In desperation, I returned my ticket and decided to stay in Beijing for the Spring Festival.I dare not disobey the rules, for fear that once the accident happens, the scourge of the people of my hometown.I am insignificant, I do not want to be remembered, but I do not want to be remembered.Like many migrant workers who cannot return home for the Spring Festival, I will stay where I am and wait for the outbreak to disperse.I am particularly homesick, in order to prevent sentimentality, I gave myself in advance to do a lot of heart construction, tell yourself to carry out the weight, after the New Year to go back.Besides, I’m not the one who can’t go home. There are many people around me who don’t even have holidays. I have food and drink and holidays, so I should be content.I again and again to strengthen the fragile heart, tell yourself safety first, health first, to be happy to meet another New Year.New Year’s Eve came unexpectedly, paste good couplets, I smiled to call the gentleman, asked him what he was doing.He said leading Huanhuan to walk on the east Ring Road, I suddenly felt pity, tears hazy eyes.In a moment, I regret, anxious to turn into a wisp of spring breeze and his reunion together.I at the same time and small boss busy lunch, at the same time gossip thing, old gentleman lonely shadow however how also lingering, casual sour tears secretly rise.At that moment I experienced the bitterness of parting, experienced the helplessness of tears hidden in the smile.In order to live up to the special time of Chinese New Year in Beijing, I came to Tian ‘anmen Square at night when the lights were on.The square is brightly lit and magnificent.The policemen on duty wearing thick cotton-padded clothes stood in the cold wind to protect the safety of the people.I enjoyed the night scene while chatting with my son.New Year bell reminds, we a family of three, north, on, ji happened to send heartfelt greetings, bless each other in the year of the tiger thought all wish, all smooth road.At the same time, I wish the epidemic to disperse as soon as possible, let those who drift away go home, and wish my dear motherland prosperity and prosperity.Want to know more wonderful content, pay attention to edelweiss original literature