How will Ko lay out 2022?The Democratic Party says he is sure to pick Taipei mayor

2022-05-01 0 By

China’s Taiwan network – February 8 According to Taiwan “central news agency” reported that Taiwan’s Democrats merit secretary xie said yesterday, for the 2022 provincial election, his application for taoyuan mayor, “legislators” sulincy mayor elections in hsinchu, taichung mayor plans to send in Taipei city vice mayor ping-kun tsai, vice mayor of Taipei shan-shan huang will run for mayor of Taipei.Xie ligong said in an interview that the single-seat election for county mayors is relatively difficult, but the PEOPLE’s Party must work hard;With elections due later this year, he and five “legislators” have each locked down a region to start working on.The host asked, “Will the mayor of Kaohsiung send doctor So Weisuo to the war?”Hsieh said that the DEMOCRATIC People’s Party had interacted with So Weishuk, especially in holding the four “referendums”, and the idea was good in all aspects, but the final result would depend on his own decision.When asked whether Huang would run for mayor of Taipei, Hsieh said that Ko wen-je, who has been in power for eight years, would definitely nominate someone to succeed him. “She will definitely fight, I’m sure of that.”As for the candidate for keelung mayor, Hsieh pointed out that the Democratic Party plans to nominate Chiu Chen-yuan for the election, while CAI Biru has not yet been decided.However, since the election situation has been changing, I don’t know my opponent now, so I should not be too hasty. “Maybe I can run for New Taipei City.”Hsieh said that about 40 percent of the popular parties now lean towards either blue or green, and the PARTY will strive to win over these people.(Taiwan network juanzi, China)