Buyer @ Sun Zhuo, want to support yao Wei.Net friend: bad luck, did not meet Liu Xuezhou’s parents

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Buyer @ Sun Zhuo, want to support yao Wei.Net friend: bad luck, did not meet Liu Xuezhou’s parents Spring Festival reunion day, sister miss brother;Brother and sister are not biological, brother is bought.This Spring Festival, sun Zhuo’s “second sister” is very active, sending videos, playing music, @Sun Zhuo, playing the music of “In a Foreign Land”, affectionately calling sun Zhuo to “go home” for the Spring Festival.To be honest, Sun Zhuo has been with the buyer for a total of 14 years. It would be a lie to say that he has no affection with the buyer, young and old.However, while the buyer enjoyed the happiness of having both children for 14 years, Sun Zhuo’s parents searched for him for 14 years!If in those days Sun Zhuo is abandoned, if sun Zhuo did not find one’s own parents now, buy a home “2 elder sister” still can deduce sister younger brother affection deep.However, sun Zhuo’s blood is in his family, and his roots are in Hubei.The strange behavior of the buyer, “the second sister,” naturally reminds people of the February 8 incident to support their families.It is clearly that Yao Wei has recognized the ancestral family, it is clearly That Tian Jing has recognized the in-laws, it is clearly that Qiqi Yuyue and grandparents are getting closer and closer, but, to support the family, they think about Yao Wei repeatedly, day and night to read “cake”, so that the modern identification technology DNA dare to say no to.Therefore, netizens said: you are not lucky ah, did not meet Liu Xuezhou’s parents, did not meet liu Xuezhou’s parents that person.Xingtai 15 years old boy liu Xuezhou’s experience, deplorable;The way his biological parents behaved was abhorrent.15 years ago, cruel to sell children with others, sell children’s money as a bride price;Fifteen years later, the poor child came to visit, and the parents, who had been married several times, were unwilling to take the child in.If Sun Zhuo’s parents were like Liu Xuezhou’s parents, if Yao Wei’s parents were like Liu Xuezhou’s parents, wouldn’t the buyer and the family be happy?