Beihai City fire rescue detachment hepu brigade with fire volunteers in-depth “market” to carry out the Lantern Festival fire safety publicity activities

2022-05-01 0 By

In order to do a good job of the Lantern Festival fire control propaganda and vigorously popularize fire safety knowledge, improve jurisdiction farmers market management personnel and the fire control safety consciousness of the masses, to the masses for creating safe and peaceful festival of fire safety environment, on February 15, the passengers fire rescue team hepu joint fire brigade volunteer thorough “bazaar” conduct fire control safety propaganda activities.Campaign, campaign staff and volunteers shuttle between the stalls in the market, to market personnel highly concentrated, such as large liquidity characteristics, while issuing publicity materials, and combining with the characteristics of fire for each booth and to the inhabitants of shopping on fire control safety knowledge, remind everybody to want to watch with fire, electricity and gas safety, before going out to check whether the switch off power supply, gas,Regularly carry out hidden dangers self-inspection, timely cleaning up the debris piled up in the corridor, do not park the electric car in the public corridor, not to charge the electric car in the corridor, beware of electric car charging accidentally caused by fire.The publicity activities effectively improve the market operators and the masses of fire safety awareness, create a strong atmosphere of fire safety publicity, further enhance the masses of self-defense, self-rescue ability, effectively tamp the masses of fire safety foundation, for the Lantern Festival to create a good fire safety environment.