Huaiyang, the former capital of Xi Emperor, is the site of “Praise modern Zhoukou” online gathering activity

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Big river on February 25, from zhoukou municipal network letter do organize “thumb up modernization zhoukou” network media tour into the huaiyang area, deputy director of zhoukou city net letter Wang Xia, huaiyang district party committee, vice minister of the propaganda department, district party committee wang wei, director of the center for network, together with representatives of dozens of news media, Internet celebrity, took part in the network activities,Focus on the development of Huaiyang, listen to the voice of Huaiyang, feel the charm of the integration of huaiyang history and culture and modern life.CaiFengTuan first stop in zhoukou huaiyang area electronic commerce public service center, entered the park products exhibition, reed painting, black pottery, clay mud dog, paper cutting, cloth tiger, a lot of huaiyang greeted by a “local” to see these wonderful artical excelling nature of art, CaiFengTuan represents that the master these skills are superb!And these are huaiyang district electronic commerce public service center only one part.It is reported that the total area of Huaiyang District e-commerce public Service center is 18,000 square meters, which can accommodate more than 100 large-scale online merchants. Through the new way of e-commerce work of “Internet + operators + e-commerce enterprises + farmers”, the transaction volume in 2021 will exceed 9.318 billion yuan, and the online retail transaction volume is 6.059 billion yuan.Online sales of agricultural products reached 232 million yuan, ranking first in the city.Left the huaiyang area public service center, e-commerce CaiFengTuan line successively to huaiyang civic center, Chen Zhou canvas, yinfeng plastic, red can take in the cap, glass, glass CaiFengTuan listened to the introduction of each tour point, field feeling huaiyang area business environment change, brings the convenience to the enterprise development, feeling the huaiyang area in recent years, the new changes.It is understood that since the launch of the “Ten thousand people help ten thousand enterprises” activity, Huaiyang District adhere to the high leading, high standards to promote, carry out the “Year of business environment improvement” activity, rescue and solve difficulties for the development of enterprises.Up to now, huaiyang District’s 230 assigned problems have all been answered, 230 problems have all been solved, the problem settlement rate is 100%, for the high-quality development of enterprises to power.In the afternoon, the group went to the flagship store of cultural tourism and creative products, Baicheng Tiandi of Jianye, The cloud exhibition and sales Center of characteristic products in Huaiyang District, Wanglou Administrative Village of Wangdian Township, and other places to experience the history, culture and modern life of Huaiyang.It is worth mentioning that when CaiFengTuan went into the king township shop floor administrative villages, CaiFengTuan represents all deeply attracted by the scene before, clean and tidy flat streets, the style is unified, white walls and the road has not yet complex green lawn of the two rows of swaying small cypress, strewn at random have the old house building a row of blue bricks tiles witnessing the time,The scenes in front of us are the new achievements of huaiyang District to create an “immersive” new Wanglou and open up a new world of rural culture and tourism.It is understood that in recent years, huaiyang area hold crucial, rural development and poverty “sanqing promotion” three down an opportunity to play to regional advantages, change rooms, pastoral park to the farmhouse, products industry, the villagers change people, to develop rural tourism as the economic pillar, radiation impetus agriculture sightseeing, farming experience, promote the development of the first, second, third industry integration,Through the secondary distribution let the villagers common prosperity, realize the comprehensive revitalization of the village wanglou administrative village.Today, a vibrant, thriving, vibrant, charming Huaiyang, is showing in front of people.(Miao Haibo, Li Dongdong)