How many of Singapore’s four most amazing beauties do you know?

2022-04-30 0 By

Singaporean actors seem to have nothing to do with us and think they don’t know them, but they don’t.Take a look at some of Singapore’s four most beautiful women who have amazed us over the years. You might even know their names after watching the TV series they starred in.The first thing to say is Guo Concubine, is not a little strange name, to see the five guo Concubine, is not a little familiar, yes she is “peony fairy”.”Journey to the east” in peony fairy, in those days a lot of people feel sorry for her and Lv Dongbin, have to say is guo Concubine stupid five age state is still online however, true years undefeated beauty!The following is to say that Fan Wenfang, no one has seen the ancient god drama “Run to the moon” ah, at the beginning feel this Chang e is too beautiful, Fan Wenfang really good look!Fan Wenfang was named “Singapore’s most beautiful woman” by netizens for her stunning portrayal of Xiao Longnu and Chang ‘e fairy.Fan Wenfang posted a new photo, 50 years old her face hyaluronic acid, a little stiff smile, but maintain a good figure, bangs, miniskirt, pink stockings, dressed up young beautiful, it can be seen that the state of mind is also very good, after marriage gradually fade out of the entertainment circle, husband and children, from the dress, the state of mind is still young, full of vitality.There are Also Lin Xiangping, 46, the lilac in lotus Lantern, and Zheng Xiuzhen.Zheng played He Xiangu in Journey to the East, and in 2000, she played Dong Fang Bubo in Brigitte Lin’s The Smiling Scoundner, which is very classic. Zheng’s role in this film, whether male or female, is particularly amazing, and the momentum is not lost to Brigitte.Many people say that her version of Unbeatable East is as good as Brigitte’s version.As a result of stock speculation failure later, after experiencing bankruptcy, Zheng Xiuzhen began to take drama crazily, then transferred to the mall, she also had hundreds of millions of property, but also harvest their own love, until now a family of three is very happy state.