Fill in the appropriate words for “a what”

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A question, a scar, a rainbow, a wall, a dish, a landscape, a lightning bolt, a canal.From the original meaning of Tao, the abstract meaning of method, art, law, doctrine, morality and so on can be extended.Fill-in-the-blank question is a kind of question we often encounter in the process of doing problems.When we get the blank filling question, we should first observe the quantifier given in the question. The quantifier given in this question is “Dao”, which requires us to fill in the blanks according to the connotation expressed by the word.Based on our accumulated experience in daily life, we can associate the terms of “Tao” with rivers, calculation problems, scars, textures and so on.To really do a good job in filling the blanks, we must pay attention to the accumulation of daily life.Although the score of the question is relatively small, but it examines a large range, requiring us to have sufficient thinking space and broad thinking, in order to do the fill-in-the-blank question quickly and accurately answer.
In the usual learning life, we can also seriously accumulate the nouns mentioned in textbooks, accurately match words, first to understand the original meaning of words, and then figure out the metaphorical meaning of words, extended meaning, etc..Therefore, it is also necessary for us to fully learn the true meaning of the nouns involved.