To Qian ‘an Ice and snow Paradise you want “ice dun dun” here

2022-04-29 0 By

Tourists ski happily in qianan Jinling Mining Legend Scenic area.”How exciting!”This is fun!Recently, qian ‘an Jinling Mining Legend Snow and ice Park, 170 meters long three ski trails, tourists quickly slide, not far from the gyro chair, snow around, ice bike and other snow and ice amusement facilities, ice dun dun, snow rong Rong next, laughter and laughter.In recent years, Taking the Opportunity of the Winter Olympic Games, Qian ‘an city has seized the development opportunity of ice and snow sports, organically combined the ice and snow sports with cultural, sports and tourism industries, constantly promoted the in-depth integrated development of the industry, and turned the “ice and snow cold resources” into “hot economy”.Tourists play next to the Olympic mascots at the Jinling Mining Legend scenic area in Qian ‘an.Tourists enjoy playing gyro chair in Qianan Jinling Mining Legend scenic area.Tourists ski in qianan Jinling Mining Legend Snow and ice Paradise.Source: Shuicheng has a story pay attention to Hebei News network, know the latest news in Hebei.