The “largest” lake in Yunnan, with an area equivalent to 50 West lakes, is not as famous as Erhai

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Speaking of Yunnan, we are certainly familiar with it. It is one of the most famous tourist provinces in China. The beautiful natural scenery here attracts a large number of tourists every year and contributes greatly to the economic growth of the territory.However, many friends come to Yunnan, only know to go to Dali, Lijiang, Kunming these cities to play, but ignore many low-key tourist attractions.It is the largest lake in Yunnan province. Its area is equivalent to 50 West Lakes, but few people know about it.After seeing this sentence, many people may question, isn’t erhai lake the biggest lake in Yunnan?In fact, Erhai lake is also very large, the lake area alone reaches 246 square kilometers, but it is not the largest lake, the largest lake in Yunnan, is actually “Dianchi lake”.Many have been to yunnan tourism friends should know, in dianchi lake in kunming, so also called kunming lake, kunming pool, with a total area of 330 square kilometers of dianchi lake, is greater than the erhai lake out of more than 80 square meters, compared to the west lake, are especially paid more than 50 times, so the dianchi lake became the largest lake in yunnan.In addition to its large area, The scenery of Dianchi Lake is also very beautiful. Surrounded by mountains on three sides, the water is very clear, so there are many fish growing in the lake.Abundant fish resources also attract many birds to settle here. According to statistics, there are more than 140 species of birds living around Dianchi Lake, among which kittiwakes, grey-winged gull, black-winged gull, white-winged gull and iron-billed sand plover are all very precious birds, so Dianchi Lake is also known as a museum of birds.Of course, in addition to animal and plant resources, there are many scenic spots nearby for tourists to experience.Around the dianchi lake, there are many scenic spots, like chestwood, xishan, haigeng sports, the grand view pavilion park, kuanyinshan, white fish mouth, longmen scene these scenic area, are very popular with the citizens of scenic area, don’t need tickets to get into some of them, so people come to yunnan tourism, later don’t try so hard to erhai lake, first must go to dianchi lake.Audience, do you have any other views on Dianchi Lake?Welcome to reply in the comment area!Another low-key scenic spot in Jiangxi is popular. Because of its beautiful scenery, it is honored as “The First Lotus Village in China”.