Snow heartless people love Jiujiang City Road bureau suburban branch center open up an quan Road

2022-04-29 0 By

Jiujiang News network (Xiao Yuzhen) affected by strong cold air, Early in the morning of February 7, snow, snow, good harvest, to also in the Spring Festival holiday brought surprise and spring hope, but let the Spring Festival rework vehicles and pedestrians brought obstacles, snow is too thick, can not pass.Snow is the command, chang is the responsibility.The situation is extremely urgent, vehicles have been unable to run smoothly, traffic jams, trapped personnel.The suburban branch center immediately launched the emergency rescue plan for extreme weather, and all staff cancelled their vacations and arrived at their posts.Deployed at nine o ‘clock in the morning, unit leaders led emergency squad full of struggle, by mountains on G105 national highway road, the wind snow, snow removal bao chang, cogent accomplish personnel vehicles in place, safety, material support in place early warning, emergency on-duty in place, information, collaboration, cooperate in place, for the past company safety has opened up a road.The snow is ruthless, and there is such a group of people, they are not afraid of the cold, actively respond, in addition to snow and ice, row barricades, stick to the post for the people’s safe travel escort.