Shuyuan Village, Huizhou District: Village aspiration promotes cultural connotation and culture contributes to rural revitalization

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Recently, the Institute of Party History of anhui Provincial Party Committee (Anhui Provincial Institute of Local Chronicles) announced the 2021 provincial Party history and local Chronicles department outstanding scientific research award list.”Shuyuan Village Annals” of Qiankou Town, Huizhou district won the third prize of outstanding scientific research works of party history and local Chronicles department of the whole province.In recent years, Shuyuan village has given full play to its advantages in tourism resources such as green mountains, cultural relics and characteristic farming, and has gradually formed a new pattern of rural revitalization and development with agricultural economy as the leading and leisure tourism as the sideline by vigorously implementing the characteristic rural construction of “agriculture + tourism + culture”.”To do a good job in rural revitalization, we should not only have external industries, but also have inner souls. As a demonstration village of rural revitalization in the whole region, shuyuan Village shoulders a heavy burden. The compilation and publication of” Shuyuan Village Annals “is an important connotation support for us to enhance the soft power of rural culture and serve the strategy of rural revitalization.”Bao Jilai, secretary of the Party branch and director of the village committee of Shuyuan Village, said that village ambition, as the mainstream position of inheriting local culture and propagating the spirit of The Times, can not only make the older generation of strivers get a sense of actual existence and belonging, but also educate the new generation of young people to inherit excellent traditional culture.Let civilization infiltrate the countryside and culture nourish the local feeling.Source in the process of rural revitalization strategy implementation, shu village should make full use of its advantages in Chinese traditional culture of ancient villages, in a village of existing three memorial arch in the Ming and qing dynasties, more than 20 ancient residential building as the breakthrough point, develop a profound advantaged natural resources and cultural resources advantage, with the help of a good traffic location and 5 a level scenic spot radiation effect,It organically combines the development and expansion of village collective economy with the protection of traditional folk customs and huizhou ancient architecture, and initially creates the “eleven Flower sea dragon Dance”, “Mid-Autumn Dragon Teng ancient Village” and other characteristic brands based on the “Dance grass dragon” intangible cultural heritage traditional folk customs, which effectively drives the villagers to increase their income and get rich, and the village industry is thriving.(jiang.more specifically
Yan yan) source: Zhongan Online