Rush hot search!A 30% layoff?Hi Tea emergency response

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Today, the news that Xicha will lay off 30% of its staff hit the hot search.The main information includes: internal layoffs have been started before the year, and there will be another part of layoffs after the year, involving 30% of employees in total.As for the news that “internal layoffs are being implemented”, Xicha made an urgent response early in the morning: a small number of staff will be adjusted to normal staff adjustment and optimization based on year-end assessment.Xi Cha responded to the downsizing: normal personnel adjustment and optimization!According to multiple media reports, layoffs are being carried out internally at Hecha.After confirmation with several Xicha employees, the main information includes: 1. Internal layoffs have been started before the New Year, and there will be another part of layoffs after the New Year, involving 30% of employees in total.Some employees said there was no year-end bonus for all employees, while others said it was “deferred”.2. All the information security departments were cut, and the store development department was cut by 50%.Internal analysis believes that The development of Xicha has reached a bottleneck, and the store department is no longer important.3. The laid-off employees will receive normal N+1 compensation, and can also choose to transfer to other departments, such as technical post to business post.The annual meeting becomes the last straw that overwhelms the hopes of many employees.No food, few benefits, forced everyone to stay at 10 PM, participate until midnight.Annual live screen, pay rises, year-end bonus message shop full screen.5. At the same annual meeting, founder Nie Yunchen publicly evaluated the disadvantages of youshang, which was regarded as “lack of pattern” by employees.Opinions vary among employees as to the reasons for this round of layoffs.A common view is that Xicha has not performed well in the past year. Although it made money, its net profit grew negatively, “It may be under pressure from financial statements to prepare for listing.Streamlining human resources can make financial statements look better.”Now everyone is lying down and fighting to be laid off,” said several Xicha employees bluntly.Subsequently, this news also attracted wide attention from netizens. In response, Xi Cha said that the relevant rumors are not true information, the company does not exist in the so-called mass layoffs, a small number of personnel adjustment and optimization based on year-end assessment of normal personnel adjustment and optimization.At the same time, the year-end bonus has been distributed to employees according to their performance before the Spring Festival.Under the industry competition, internal management and employee salary conflicts are not the situation of Xicha.Not long ago, there were media reports that tea Yan Yueshi employees caused internal strife over pay.At that time, tea Yan Yueshi founder Lu Liang’s internal speech let employees feel cold dissatisfaction, triggered a crisis of public opinion.However, most new tea beverage companies are obviously dependent on traffic, so the founder’s remarks will also have a great impact on business operation.According to public information, as of December 31, 2020, Hecha has opened 695 stores in 61 cities around the world, and employs more than 15,000 people worldwide.Close to the high level of Xi Tea industry analysis, Xi Tea this layoff may be to prepare for the financial data before the listing.Xi Cha founder Nie Yunchen has said publicly that he has no plans to go public in 2021, and Xi Cha has backed up his words with action.But Heytea’s record of fundraising and the glittering list of institutions behind it suggest that one day.Since the A round of financing, from sequoia, Hillhouse, IDG and other well-known investment institutions, and then to Tencent, Meituan and other Internet giants, shareholders have an objective demand for profit withdrawal, and they also have high expectations for Heytea.During the rush to list Nai Xue’s tea in mid-2021, Xi Cha completed a D round of financing totaling $500 million, and the post-investment valuation soared to 60 billion yuan from 16 billion yuan in the 2020 C round.Compared with nai Xue’s tea, which is already listed, its latest market value was just HK $12.2 billion.According to the Market Scale and Competition Pattern Analysis of China’s Freshly made Tea Industry in 2021 released by Qianzhan Industry Research Institute, in 2020, the market share of top 3 brands and top 7 brands in China’s high-end freshly made tea market is 49.8% and 57.1% respectively, indicating that the high-end freshly made tea market has shown a high degree of concentration.Hecha ranked first with 27.7 percent of the market, followed by Naisue with 17.7 percent and KOI with 4.4 percent.At the end of last year, It was also revealed that Xicha was fined 450,000 yuan for false publicity.Shanghai Xicuangyu Tea Catering Management Co., LTD, an affiliate of Xicuangyu Tea, was fined 450,000 yuan by the City’s Baoshan District Market Supervision Administration for “using advertisements to falsely advertise products or services, deceive and mislead consumers,” according to the Tianyan App.According to the National Enterprise credit Information Disclosure System, Shanghai Xi Chuangyu Tea Catering Management Co., LTD, an affiliate of Xi Tea, was fined 450,000 yuan by the Shanghai Baoshan District Market Supervision Administration for allegedly “using advertising to falsely advertise products or services, deceive and mislead consumers.”According to the investigation, since May 14, 2021, the party concerned has published contents in its subordinate stores in the form of electronic display screen and brand establishment as “Waxberry upgrade dengfeng manufacturing;Bayberry varieties are upgraded to dongkui bayberry of the season, bigger and more juicy;Xi Tea the first fruit sherba crisp barrel [iceberg bayberry crisp barrel], real juice more ice cool “, “selected Shiping yunnan, Zhejiang Xianju Dongkui bayberry, a large core small, tight and full flesh, rich flavor” and other related products advertising.Some of the claims in the preceding advertisement are inconsistent with the actual situation.Source: China Fund News author: Wen Jing Review: Tan Lugang