Palace dou dou dou official dou are bored with slanting, relaxed, see the festive “Four Ye’s heart tip pet princess”

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Hello, everyone, I heard that you are short of books, boring and can not find a good book, is it, also as a small book fans today to recommend you a good novel, let book fans in minutes to read addictions do not sleep!, if you feel good, I hope you are handsome, handsome, charming, beautiful little brother little sister to small make up the article point a like plus a concern yo!Today xiaobian recommended to everyone: palace ojakin palace official contest are filled with slanting, easy, look at the festive “four ye’s heart tip pet princess” the first book: “a product female ojakin made: General adult deficient in education” author: big apricot highlights priority:Yangchun March, midday sun just, wind rustling lying in the yard of the cane chair with eyes closed and two legs turned leisurely humming song, hand stretched, the blue and white porcelain plate in the peanut one then one of the thrown into his mouth.In the apocalypse of jin cloud city, the biggest joke is seven miss the wind rustling wind home, she is the only miss a family is break off an engagement, as we all think that she has been difficult to find a husband’s family in the future, who knows the holy an imperial edict, marry her to the death of former hubei vying general LiJun styles, a whore with sicko, true when a piece of my heart.But can anyone think of today’s wind rustling, the body is from a different world of the soul, actually she also don’t understand why suddenly through here, she is only a body well-founded sex-discrimination autopsy, found a snake on the body form the stamp of the pattern of gossip, she fainted just hit the mark, wake up like that.She wondered if what had happened to her had something to do with the weird gossip mark on the body.Ah, can’t think of her wind xiao xiao life Bohemian love freedom, but now trapped in this general house suffered unfair treatment, god, she is why to come here?”This general house bully too much, young lady you somehow is also here the master of the house, how to give us to eat these things!”The servant girl green wo took a vegetable basket some indignant way.”Mistress?Green wo your young lady I even married with a rooster worship high hall, you think this general mansion who take me seriously?”The wind snorted, but it didn’t matter, she didn’t care about the identity of the general’s wife.”But young lady this cabbage tofu every day, even a piece of meat have no.”Green wo very aggrieved looking at the hands of the morning sent over food.Originally thought to leave shangshu mansion to the general mansion can have a better, who knows their day better than before, not only by the general mansion miss Li Yanran provocation, daily meals are perfunctory.Priority: Li Niang and others are looking for Jiang Xuan Jiang Bai they, a turn to see Mammy Li in a hurry, not from a smile: “Mammy Li, you this is how?It’s daylight, and it looks like a robbery.””Not robbed?”When Mammy Li saw mammy Li and others, she couldn’t help patting her thighs and said, “Are you looking for dark and white brothers?They’re robbing the ladies and girls that pass by at the moon gate!I was afraid they might make a mistake, so I hurried over to tell you.”Hearing this, Wet nurse Li took her maid and ran to the moon gate. Jiang xuan and the others were nowhere to be seen.No way, had to inform Jiang Hua ‘an.Jiang Xuan and Jiang Bai, however, changed their location to rob. They all smiled and said, “Mammy Li will certainly go to inform us, but we are not stupid, which will stay in place and wait for them to catch us?”Say words, each peel candy paper, sugar into the mouth.Fortunately, Mammy Li had hidden three candies in her bosom, which prevented the tragedy of the unequal distribution of the spoils, and the three Samkings would still live in peace and trade.Jiang qing bit the sugar in her mouth and chewed it for a few seconds. After a while, the sugar melted away, leaving only a little sweetness left.Not by touch cheek, hey hey smile: “this sugar is really sweet!”Jiang Bai put the sugar in his mouth, put his tongue up to his cheek, waved his white hands and concluded: “The sugar from the robbery is sweeter!”Jiang Xuan also chewed up the sugar in his mouth and made a far-off look with his hand on his forehead. “There are more fat sheep coming. Get ready, little ones.”Here he said, carefully look at the bearer, but panic, turned to shout: “wind tight, what!”He ran away.Jiang Qing and Jiang Bai also saw several people, one of them is Jiang Hua ‘an, busy followed jiang Xuan ran behind.”Run where?He picked up Jiang Bai, who was running too fast to recover, and bumped into his thigh. He sat on his shoulder and bent over to Jiang Xuan and Jiang Qing and said, “Come with me.Jiang Bai was caught sitting on his shoulder, this will not dare to make a fuss, a good little white rabbit.Jiang Xuan and Jiang Qing saw Jiang Hua ‘an, like a mouse saw a cat, the slightest dare not resist, obediently followed him behind, jiang Hua ‘an did not pay attention to, two and each other.(click below free reading) the third book: “Four ye’s heart tip pet imperial Concubine” author: looking back in the snow wonderful excerpted priority: palace dou dou official dou dou all be tired of slanting, relaxed, see festive “four ye’s heart tip pet imperial Concubine” lie on the couch, leaf jujube staring a pair of eyes, die unsatisfied eyes like looking at the pink curtain top.How miserable!How miserable!Through into an ancient woman is oppressed, but also through into a big Qing Dynasty, four baylor ye backyard of a concubine, this……Forcing people to die?Three months later, she still hasn’t figured it out. What did she do in her last life?As for that, she is also a good person, no matter feeding stray cats and stray dogs, this shit, god has no eyes is not?Shi concubine!What is that?That’s the stuff!Closed eyes, open eyes, still feel oppressed.This original body is also weak enough, into the house half a year to play himself dead, this time good, she received a mess.Dad is not painful niang does not love, so far have not seen four ye, how can this mix?Why don’t you die after the winter?This is good, in September, the eye is looking at winter, still don’t know whether it can mix charcoal fire to work.”Girl, you can’t go back to sleep. Get up. You must dress yourself up before the family dinner.”The little heart came in with a bowl of hot water.Leaf jujube slowly up: “don’t dress up, also, today is ye just come back and won’t come to me.”If there was one other good thing about the concubine, it was that she lived in a miserable house.It’s broken, but it’s clean!”Girl don’t lose heart, there is always a chance, call the Lord son ye remember you, is the chance is not?”Peach is not willing to serve, but there is no way.(Click below to read for free) That’s all for today’s recommendation. What kind of novel do you like to read? You can comment in the comments area below the end of this article.Strong push three male master of the ancient language abuse love, with full screen meat smell, crazy and spoiled strong push three male master sick possessive ancient language abuse love, crazy and spoiled, and full screen meat smell want to know more wonderful content, come to pay attention to the nurse push novels