Liu Gongquan “Mysterious Pagoda Monument” Regular script stroke training I (Suggested collection)

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Liu Gongquan is a famous calligrapher in the late Tang Dynasty. He is good at calligraphy, line and grass, and is the most outstanding in regular script.Liu Gongquan’s regular script is a typical representative of regular script, with special emphasis on “fa” in terms of writing and structure.It is recorded in the Biography of Liu Gongquan in The Old Book of Tang dynasty that “Gong Quan began to learn the book of Wang, read the modern brushwork, and became a family of his own.”In the early Tang Dynasty, Liu Gongquan took yu Shinan, Ouyang Xun and other calligraphic characteristics of the close at the same time, he mainly learned from Yan Zhenqing, and finally changed to Use Yan Zhenqing’s clean brush, drawing tendons to the bone, and became a body of its own.His calligraphy strokes are straight and forceful;In the palace compact, fangyuan both, such as the initial blade bone dew, fine looks like bone wrapped meat, without losing charm;Ligature method is cautious, posture is different.Later generations yan Liu will be called “Yan Jin Liu bone”.There are more than 20 kinds of works left by Liu Gongquan, such as Diamond Sutra, Mengedao Paste, The Monument of Shenzhigai Army, and the Monument of Mystery Pagoda.The full title of the Mysterious Pagoda stele is “Tang Dynasty old Left Street In the Monk’s Record to worship the Three Religions talk about leading dade Anguo Temple to give Zida master mysterious Pagoda inscription and Preface”, written by Pei Xiu, written by Liu Gongquan, was established in the first year of Tang Huichang (841), when Liu Gongquan was 64 years old.The original tablet is located in the Forest of Steles in Xi ‘an.For more than a thousand years, although after spreading expansion, but the literal is still clear and intact.The tablet pen slim jin qingxiu, firmly, strong bones, body potential handsome, introverted and open, xiu Embellish vivid, is the representative of liusi Regular script, for thousands of years has been the most important and influential model for people to learn regular script.# Education # Calligraphy #