Again to the school season Caidian urban management earnestly pay attention to the “protection of learning” guarantee

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“God beast” cage, and to the school season.In order to maintain the environmental order around the primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the area, The Zhangwan Street Comprehensive law enforcement Center of Caidian District opened the “protection” mode, and earnestly paid attention to the security work around the school during the school term.In the early morning of February 16, chengguan law enforcement officers went to the gates of primary and secondary schools and kindergartens to maintain the traffic order at the school gate and guide the vehicles picking up students around the campus to ensure the safe and smooth travel of parents, teachers and students as well as passers-by.At the same time, strengthen the city appearance order management of non-motor vehicle parking around the school, mobile vendors, small advertisements, leaflets and other easy to cause people to gather behavior.Strengthen the patrol around the school, and correct all kinds of violations in time.In particular, to strengthen the management of the city appearance order in the morning, middle and evening school, school peak hours, the arrangement of law enforcement officers around the schools fixed posts, prohibit the operation outside the shop, persuade from mobile vendors, to ensure orderly order, really do not have mobile stands around the school, no road occupation, no disorderly parking.And carefully check and deal with the noise around the campus, to ensure that the roads around the campus are smooth and orderly.At the same time, the Dwarf mountain sub-district office of Caidian District organized the sub-district comprehensive law enforcement center, safety supervision, traffic police, industry and commerce and other departments to carry out safety maintenance and safety inspection of 7 primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the area.Street comprehensive law enforcement center will be divided into two groups of law enforcement officers: on the one hand, the school around the store inspection, the inspection found that the road occupation, disorderly store parties for the law education, and ordered the on-site rectification to complete, to ensure that the school around the orderly, clean appearance of the city;On the other hand, guard the school gate at designated points to maintain the parking order of non-motor vehicles, and divert non-motor vehicles around the campus to ensure smooth roads.Next, Zhang Wan comprehensive law enforcement and dwarf hill street center will be in accordance with the “personal, create positions, proportional amount, timing,” requirements, strictly implement the normalized patrol mechanism, combined mistake inspections and peak unattended way, keep the campus surrounding the city order security work, efforts for the majority of teachers and students to create a safe, clean and orderly.(Source: Caidian Urban Management)