What are the 50 biggest fallers in the A-share market this week?

2022-04-28 0 By

Among the top 50 listed companies that fell in a-share prices this week, gravitation media, which fell the least, fell more than -9.03%, while Amethyst Storage, which fell the most, reached -24.77%.Among the top 5 companies that fell from high to low this week were: Amethyst storage -24.77%;Huhua shares -21.65%;Jincai Internet -20.66%;Nan Shan Holdings -20.44%;Yuanlong Yatu -19.95%;Among the top 5 companies that fell this week from high to low are: computer equipment %;Chemicals %;Computer applications %;Real estate development %;Professional services;The complete data is as follows: Don’t forget, if you think the article is ok, please like it, follow and encourage, your support is my motivation to create, watch important market news and announcements every day.