Time article: she reborn 70 time, have variation taobao system, do business, become rich

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Hello everyone, I heard that you are short of books again, but you can’t find any novels that you are interested in. Today, I would like to recommend some good novels to you. If you like, don’t miss it!Book shortage quickly collect!She reborn in the 1970s, with a variation taobao system, business, business, wealth.”Happy Life in the sixties” novel introduction: Plane crash, Liu Xiaoying relief, she made the most wrong decision is to share the secret to their lover.When she woke up again, she became Liu Xiaoying in the 1960s.An orphan girl with a fiance?Someone: You must be nervous with that excited look on your face?Best clip: “Why don’t you get more sleep?”Liu Xiaoying saw his frozen reddish face and suddenly remembered what had happened last night.She lowered her head to hide her flushed face.”Early not sleepy, I made rice, eat first.”Liu Xiaoying swept up the kang, put on her shoes, set the table on, and served the food. Then she sat down to eat with him.It is the first time to eat chilli sauce and pickled mustard he Haowen, I did not expect Liu Xiaoying’s craftsmanship is so good.”Did you do this?It’s delicious.”Liu Xiaoying a listen to, the in the mind turned over a roll of the eyes, if she will this two down son return line.”Grandma Li made it and gave me two jars.”He Haowen nodded and did not speak again.Both of them ate quickly. After dinner, He haowen said to her, “I will invite some of my comrades to have dinner.””How many people?””Five or six.”He Haowen said that and went out.Liu Xiaoying cleared the table and the room, then took a break to think about what to cook for the night.Look at guan Zhiqiang’s food yesterday, you know the standard of living now.Looking at the inventory in the space, I took out some cooked soybean sprouts and fried bacon.Make a rabbit stew potatoes, fried potatoes, and a chives scrambled eggs.Eggs Liu Xiaoying did not have much inventory, eat less, before their own a person also rarely eat.Four dishes were enough to feed five or six people, and Liu xiaoying brought out two small jars of baijiu, each weighing a jin.When Liu Xiaoying finished cleaning up, it was more than one o ‘clock at noon, and she ate some porridge left in the morning, and hurriedly put the noodles on the hair.This time, instead of steamed white bread, steamed erhe bread.Is to use corn flour mixed with white flour, white flour less.Although such steamed bread does not have the soft white noodles, but the taste is not bad, and a little sweet.Hair a large basin, covered with curtains on the kang tou hair noodles.”Reborn in the 1970s small fortune wife” novel brief introduction: warm past life unfortunate, reborn to 15 years old, with variation Taobao system.New life, she first green plum, future big money high star is done, join hands with him again, step on the enemy of the previous life at the foot, all sorts of bad man of their happiness to peep open tear.Smoothly participate in the college entrance examination, do business, become rich, the number of money hand cramps.Best clip: “Old man, where did you put the stuff you stole from my house last night?”Old Wen was too stunned and hurried to defend himself.”I didn’t steal it?”‘You didn’t steal it, I’m sure. Your family stole it!'”No, they won’t.”Mrs. Wen said with assurance.These days, Mrs. Wen saw that when the one-eyed dragon was acting arrogantly, none of his men came out, and they would never find nothing to smoke. “Hum, when I asked, your big daughter-in-law hemmed and hawed, obviously something was going on.””Last night, she went to stay at her mother’s house and won’t come to yours at midnight.”How can so opportunely, one-eyed dragon narrow up.Could it be that Wang xiuli pretended to go back to her mother’s home, but actually returned to steal things at midnight.”It must be her!The one-eyed dragon saw the time was not early, and muttered in his heart: the smelly women were lethargic for more than two hours, and should wake up.He went in and saw Wang Xiuli still lying on the kang with her eyes closed.On observation, I noticed that the woman’s eyebrows were trembling.One-eyed dragon angry, a slap fan past, “smelly girl, wake up don’t pack, you just take things out to me, it’s ok!”He did not dare to exert force in case the other party fainted again.Wang Xiuli just woke up for a while, she listened to the one-eyed dragon, the other party and show bamboo also vaguely heard, hurriedly put his eyes closed coat sleep.Now by the other party called broken, she dare not continue to pretend.”What do you want, son of a bitch?I never came to your house and I never took any of your things.””Didn’t get it!Then why are you panicking?As the saying goes, if you do nothing wrong, you are not afraid of ghosts knocking at the door at midnight.””Said the one-eyed dragon, watching the woman’s expression.Wang Xiuli was really afraid!”Rebirth of the ruffian of the 70’s” novel introduction: the former life she is a good girl, the hard work of life is to build a bridge for others, finally fall a body of illness, was informed that his life had been changed.Zuo Ranjia returned to 1975 with the plane trading system, determined to be a bad woman, to live for herself, and no longer to be a slave!Bad woman with bad man, so she married a dujia rascal.Wonderful snippet: “han wench, the matter of your work is unreliable Du Xuze that little rabbit son, you have to give me a good exam recruitment, home can no longer have spare money for you to wipe face wipe head.Half of your wages before you get married.”Du Jinhan tightly pursed his lips, did not answer the braids into the room.”Say a word to you, you still don’t like it?You don’t want to think about who raised you, and you don’t even have a job, and you’ve got hard wings?Have ability you learn somebody else country to come of wench, tomorrow seek a man that have ability to marry, let old niang and your brothers suck up to suck up to you!”The sour words in his shrill voice spread far and wide in the hutong where the north wind whistled.After dinner, four women and three children went shopping.This time they still ran to the East gate market, where the goods are complete variety, not the old brand department store can be compared.They went from counter to counter, buying what they needed.However, Zuo Ranjia thought that liang’s mother and her husband did so, so they bought everything.They didn’t buy much along the way, but each carried mostly food.When they arrived at the wiring area, Zuo Ranjia carefully observed that people at this time were very practical, although the variety and color of cloth were not very rich, and the workmanship was fine, durable and comfortable.With a little thought, she can make the finished product acceptable, with timeless retro elements.This is the end of sharing this issue, if you like, you can add a focus on favorites, xiaobian will share different types of novels every day, the next issue will be there or square.