The women’s volleyball team updated data, the first candidate for the deputy attack emerged, six generals for the main force, Yuan Xinyue has great hope

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Takeaway: society platoon officer xuan new coach from China, and the release of the 71 “talent pool” list, released to the players from the national team program, everything seemed to hint at the reconstruction of the Chinese women’s volleyball team on the right track, in the meantime, each player movement data is also a update, under such situation, the outside world will pay more attention to the regular title.Based on the existing data, in terms of the position of the auxiliary attack, it is mainly shown that six generals compete for the main position on the same stage, among which Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan are highly likely to become the main force.So far, the Chinese women’s volleyball team has updated the movement data of each player in the run-up to touch on the high data and investigated data, serve first on, block data and receiving must respect, mascherano Li Yingying secure first throne, among them, in the run-up to touch up Li Yingying 28, the latest data of 3 m and in had, run-up to touch high-energy reach 3 meters, 28,Only Yuan Xinyue.For the side attack, the height of the run-up is an important test to measure whether the physical quality is good enough. In the new cycle, only when many side attacks reach or even exceed 3.20 meters in the height of the run-up can they gain a firm foothold in the national team., according to data released by the run-up to touch this had position data reach beyond 3 m high 20, a total of six players, excluding Yuan Xinyue ranked first, high meaning, Wang Yuanyuan, Yang Hanyu, Zhang Shiqi and Ms. Cheung’s diminishing in turn from the second to fifth place, run-up touch data of 3 meters and 27 respectively, 3 meters high 20, 24, 3 m and 3 mAmong them, Zhang Shiqi and Zhang Yu are both 3.20 meters in the fifth place, which to some extent means that these six players are basically strong contenders for the starting position in the new cycle.In the new cycle, the new head coach of The Chinese women’s volleyball team is bound to need to cultivate his confidants, and Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan have great hopes to become CAI Bin’s right-hand men due to their outstanding ability.In the group stage of the Tokyo Olympics, Yuan xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan showed excellent form and great strength to help China win their matches against Italy and Argentina.In fact, in spiking and blocking ability, it is hard to find a player who can match Yuan xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan.Compared with Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan, zhang Shiqi, Yang Hanyu, Gao Yi and Zhang Yu sit in the starting position, there is a greater uncertainty, among which Zhang Yu is the least likely to sit in the main position of the six because of her poor performance in spiking and blocking.Zhang Shiqi in the previous stage of the league performance is remarkable, from the size and blocking way, Zhang Shiqi and the former assistant xu Yunli similar, in the difficult to form a strong impact on Yuan Xinyue and Wang Yuanyuan, Zhang Shiqi will be a strong contender for the replacement.As the fourth side attack of the last cycle, Yang Hanyu is a player whose advantages and disadvantages are very obvious, powerful outburst, good bounce is her characteristics, but the ball business is not satisfactory, the new cycle may become a strong contender for the third side attack.Known as the high reputation of “the small zhao ruirui” meaning, can be said to be a few physical quality among the best, in the run-up to touch on the high, high means as first Yuan Xinyue, but compared with Yuan Xinyue height, high meaning doesn’t have any advantage, but her flexible pace is still a stranger, if get in cultivating new cycle, single is not can’t solve the problem of offensive means.