“Novel” colourful fortune not shallow (71) : must get wife to agree

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Handle and small yan things, my mood relaxed more than half, in my opinion, can affect me and small vek mountain is basically left their parents that one, in this, I have confidence, after all, I still understand their parents.I still go to work every day. I still go out with Wee Vek as usual.Since I have Weiwei, I do not hate going to work every day, but feel that going to work has become a pleasure.I’ve come to understand that it’s not the work that makes people hate going to work, it’s the working environment.Because the environment is good so I am happy every day, very happy.Even Wee Wei often said I was “poor happy” “silly happy”.One morning, Xiaowei and I had just finished cleaning the office when the phone rang.”Wife, small huang of za finance office says her computer does not know why, start not, let me go to help see, ok?”I put down the phone and gave Instructions to Xiaowei.”Ha ha, you are a leader, go out son still want to ask for instructions report to me?”Xiaowei said with a smile.”Between us, you’re the leader.Of course I will.”I said.”At home, at home, you listen to me.In the unit, you are the leader, I listen to you.”Xiaowei said.”Ha ha, you are my leader both at home and outside.If you say yes, I’ll go, if you say no, I won’t, “I said with a smile.”Ha ha, approval, you go,” xiao Wei said with a smile.With Xiaowei’s consent, I left the office and walked to the finance department.Because I like messing with computers and I’m pretty good at it.So anyone who has a problem with their computer, they usually call me.I would love to do that.Xiao Huang is an accountant in the finance department of our unit.After graduating from university, I almost entered the unit one after the other.Calculate now, work to the unit also has 78 years.Because it is the same batch to the unit, so the relationship is relatively good.With Xiaoyan, the three of us are almost an iron triangle, right?Going out to eat and play together used to be the norm, but now that they’re married and have their own things to do, they don’t spend much time together.So, huang’s favor, it is necessary to help.”So soon?Have you got your wife’s permission?””Huang asked, making a joke.It was not strange for her to say this, because she knew about me and Wee Vek and supported me.”Ha ha, don’t worry.It must have been allowed.”I smiled and said.”Ha ha, does your wife keep you on a tight leash?I’m afraid to go to you, “Huang said with a smile.”Says who?My wife doesn’t care about me, “I said.”Cut, hard mouth.Take a look at my computer.”Huang said, take out a computer bag from under the table, gave me.”Is it your own home computer?I thought it was your office computer.”I said.”It’s my own computer.There’s no problem with office computers.If there’s something wrong with my office computer, I’m in big trouble, “Huang said.”Yeah, it’s financial data, after all.Don’t let it go wrong.”I said, grabbing my laptop bag and sitting down at the next table, ready to fix her computer.”You do it first. I’ll do my own thing.”Huang poured a cup of water for me and sat at his computer desk.(To be continued)