Hongyuan ace pro return date, Shougang reappearance generals infighting, Ding Yanyuhang again to welcome bad news

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The opening of the Winter Olympic Games is coming soon, which means the opening of the third stage of CBA league is approaching again.Most CBA teams give their players only a few days off to prepare for the games and then return to training in a few days to ensure they are in top shape for the third stage of the tournament.In the latest piece of good news for defending champions Guangdong Hongyuan, the team’s ace guard Zhao Rui has personally confirmed his return date.Zhao Rui suddenly left the team at the start of the second phase of the match. The official statement was that his ankle injury had worsened and he needed time to recuperate.But on social media, people have been making up theories that are more convincing than the official news.Recently, a net friend saw Zhao Rui playing with his friends in a certain gymnasium in Heilongjiang province. He broke through the dunk and shot three points from afar. Zhao Rui looked unstoppable and showed a very good state.In the live broadcast with netizens, Zhao Rui also said that he would return to Dongguan in two or three days to join the team and prepare for the upcoming third stage of the competition.As the third stage of the game in advance, guangdong team foreign aid Ma Shang – Brooks can return as scheduled temporarily unknown, Zhao Rui can timely comeback, for the team is a big good.Usually in the field always feel xu Jie and Hu Mingxuan outstanding performance, but the individual data is not so outstanding Zhao Rui is actually the most comprehensive strength, key moment Zhao Rui, can play a greater role in both sides of the attack and defense.Once Zhao Rui healthy return team, guangzhou team back no less than fill up a trump card, can feel at ease toward the four consecutive crown launched impact.There are those who come back and there are those who want to leave.Beijing Shougang veteran Chang Lin is reportedly set to leave the club during the winter window because he is unhappy with coach Yanis’ lack of playing time.Although Chang Lin’s athletic ability deteriorates with age, his three-point shooting from the bottom corner and positive defensive attitude are still helpful to the team.But this season in fan Ziming and Li Muhao of the twin towers of understanding and cooperation, Yanis is more accustomed to using the towers to solve the battle, plus the younger and more passionate Qiu Tian, Chang Lin’s playing time has been almost completely cut.In the first two stages, Chang Lin only got two appearances and never got a chance to show himself, which is really a little hard to accept for a 32-year-old veteran with a lot of experience in the game.In the clear Beijing Shougang has no own position, Chang Lin and the club after communication, choose to leave the team to find a way out.If he can reach a buyout agreement with Shougang, he can join another team that is interested in him during the winter window.In fact, this is not the first time shougang has seen such rumors of discord between generals and infighting.Prior to this, Shougang backfield defensive vanguard Wang Xiaohui is no reason to be yanis snow hidden many games.There is no denying that Yanis has good coaching skills, but he is also known for his stubbornness in employing people.Earlier, it was reported that Beijing Shougang planned to re-evaluate yanis’ ability in the window period, so as to decide whether to change the head coach in the third stage, I do not know whether this situation and general discord is directly related to it?Thanks to a wave of two consecutive wins at the end of the second stage, Shandong men’s basketball team protected the 10th place in the standings, and opened a little lead with the team behind, the hope of the playoffs increased, coach Xu Changsuo this season should not worry about being sacked.However, after entering the window period, shandong team received the bad news again, paid players Ding Yanyu traffic injury recovery is not very ideal, at present it is said that will not be able to undertake high intensity training, when can be recovered to the race condition, temporarily no specific timetable, do not rule out the possibility of reimbursement again this season.If Ding Yan Yuhang really reimbursed again, that he will be able to recover next season comeback, I’m afraid the most hardcore fans are about to have no confidence in him, after all, who also don’t know when he will suddenly fall, and can’t stand up again.This season, Shandong high speed to become the sponsor of Shandong men’s basketball, continue to hold Ding Yanyuhang, and not at all to drive away the exploits of the coach Gong Xiaobin, find the former men’s basketball coach Gong Luming as the head coach, the shandong youth team coach Xu Changsuo as the shandong men’s basketball coach, trying to play a new atmosphere through the new combination.However, after the start of the new season, in the situation of the players basically unchanged, shandong team’s achievements and the overall appearance of the team, but there is a big difference from last season, which also let Shandong team into a huge controversy.Once Ding Yanyuhang reimbursement season again, I am afraid that the outside world for shandong high speed and team criticism will be more.Hope shantung team to stop turbulence early, restore the former style of the strong team.