Han Xin: Discontent and protest against Starbucks should be expressed within the legal framework

2022-04-28 0 By

A police officer at a Starbucks store in Chongqing was found to have sent white flowers and thrown eggs in front of the store on Tuesday.In addition, when the cleaning staff wanted to clean, they were dissuaded from doing so.(Beijing News, Feb. 16) To be honest, Starbucks made a mistake first. The blame must be laid on Starbucks first.There was a public outcry over the incident, and it’s sad to know that the police were also expelled in Shanghai last year.As law enforcers, the police are dedicated to fighting the epidemic and crime, regardless of their special status. However, from the perspective of consumers, they deserve respect.At present, the local police have not given a specific conclusion of the investigation, but in any case, Starbucks should have a sincere attitude to admit mistakes, and give the community a statement.In the face of arrogant Starbucks, people send white flowers and throw eggs, this is a “good”, but also unseemly.As state media spoke up for the police, netizens even shouted, “China can live without Starbucks, but not without police.”As ordinary people, we have the legal right to express ourselves, and we can speak out for the police with limited influence. However, when faced with the mistakes made by “foreign brands”, our calmness and rationality are often forgotten by the public.Take throwing eggs, for example, not only causes food waste, but also increases the work burden of cleaning personnel. Similar to the move of “injuring one thousand enemies, injuring eight hundred”, it is not easy to solve the benign event, and serious cases will cause legal disputes and public safety accidents.To be clear, China’s laws not only protect the legitimate rights and interests of the police and Starbucks involved, but also require citizens to consciously abide by the law and maintain social and economic order.Any act that disturbs public order, impairs public security, infringes upon personal and property rights or impairs social administration will be investigated for criminal responsibility in accordance with the Criminal Law of the People’s Republic of China.Such a situation, no one wants to see, then no one can end up.If you feel something, you should express it, especially in an event of such righteous indignation. Think carefully and keep your head down.Indeed, this incident must be a lesson for Starbucks. Whether it is “affecting the brand image” or “discussing changing seats”, Starbucks should strengthen store management, do well in staff training, lower its posture, listen to the opinions of all sectors of society humbly, and face up to the feelings of every customer.We should once again call on the public that China is an open and inclusive country. To vent “private anger” under the guise of “justice” is rather disgraceful in extreme measures.Only by maintaining a correct view of right and wrong and the overall situation can we build a bridge of communication between Starbucks and consumers, make both sides stand on an equal level, and provide an orderly and benign channel for the resolution of the incident.