First line fax: Cargo broke down at high speed and the traffic police sent oil to solve the crisis

2022-04-28 0 By

In order to further implement the work plan for superior departments, strengthen the Beijing Olympics and stable during the Spring Festival transportation traffic safety within their respective jurisdictions, put an end to traffic accident, jilin branch of public security may estuary high-speed patrol four brigade to their jurisdiction highway strengthen duty frequency to “patrol + point” mode, continuous management, efforts to protect the safety of the road traffic and order.Recently, the jilin branch of public security may estuary high-speed patrol four brigade police patrol to Shen Ji high-speed jilin direction is about 330 kilometers, found a, B licences cases broke down and take up the driveway, rapid response, the patrol four brigade police will be pushed to the emergency vehicle lane, and told the driver to open the danger alarm flashlight, and in setting them to car direction of 150 meters.After ensuring safety, the police learned that the car fuel gauge failure, and the driver does not know the car has no oil still continue to drive resulting in engine flameout, in the high-speed breakdown, just encounter high-speed police patrol so far.After inquiring the type of fuel the driver was driving, the police rushed to the nearest gas station to buy fuel and deliver the fuel to the scene.With the help of the police, the oil into the tank, the vehicle can restart into the high speed, the driver of the police timely rescue expressed thanks!High-speed traffic police tip: before travel, should pay attention to check the vehicle condition, especially when driving on the highway, to fuel in advance, if found that fuel is not enough, should as soon as possible to the nearest service area or toll station refueling;Once the fuel runs out, when the vehicle stops in the emergency lane, a warning mark should be set up at 150 meters behind and double flashing lights should be turned on. The personnel should evacuate to the safety area outside the guardrail and alarm for help.