Bring your parents to start the New Year road trip, Huff dog with strength can be happy time

2022-04-28 0 By

In recent years, with the upgrading of consumption, the way many people celebrate the Spring Festival has changed.For example, in our family, before the Spring Festival is to visit relatives and friends, from door to door to pay New Year’s greetings to the elders, prepare rich dishes to invite relatives and friends to get together, although it is very festive and lively, but more experience will also feel a little boring.Therefore, after discussion, we decided to drive out for a trip on the first day of the first lunar month this year. The place we chose was the natural hot spring in the suburbs. We started off as soon as we could, driving our new Huff dog.Frankly speaking, when I went out with my father, the old driver, I, a novice who just got the driver’s license, dared not drive, afraid of “making a fool of myself” in front of him. But this time, I was on the road with Hafu Dog. My confidence was full and I took the initiative to assume the role of the driver!Out of the city and onto the highway, I directly turned on the ACC full-speed adaptive cruise function equipped with Hav Dog without saying anything. Then I took my right foot out from between the brake and accelerator, and let the car intelligent acceleration and deceleration, and kept a safe distance to follow the car. I didn’t need to worry about the whole journey, and it was enough to save worry and effort.What’s more, the car runs very smoothly and does not brake or accelerate sharply as I did when I was operating it. Dad commented on it: it is a car that can drive better than people.Rich off-road “artifact,” broken roads fearless to listen to your dad, we chose the path to the hot spring, see at the moment when the road have really been shocked that turbulence level beyond imagination, plus a few days ago just rained, the road of mud mixed, especially slippery, more added through the difficulty, so the road, generally SUV surely get around by,But my huffy is fearless.Thanks to the support of the 2.0GDIT engine, The Dog can produce a powerful torque of 325N·m at 1500~4000 RPM under low-speed off-road conditions, thus erupting surging power, helping the whole vehicle to easily pass through complex road conditions.At the same time, Hafu big dog is also equipped with a number of off-road “magic tools”, including intelligent four-wheel drive, two locks, all-terrain driving mode, which makes its wild force can be comparable to the level of professional off-road vehicles, not to mention bad road, even the professional off-road field with double difficulty, Hafu big dog also play well.With the help of the Huff dog, we saved a lot of time by taking a shortcut and soon arrived at the hot spring.First, I took my parents to change my clothes, and then I found a pool with no one. The three of us were very comfortable and relaxed.Halfway through, we discussed where to go next, and dad raised his hand and said he wanted to be a chauffeur next time to experience the charm of the Huff Dog.