A dream river’s lake: Lantern Festival multiple surprises online?Don’t stop me. I want both

2022-04-28 0 By

In the blink of an eye, the aftertaste of the Spring Festival has not passed, the Lantern Festival is coming.Rest assured, these are all necessary programs, good or bad to say this year’s Lantern Festival dream also chasing cangdaotou dumplings to chew a few mouth ~ the Lantern Festival, our dream cub nature is not free!So today, let’s have a look at what the Lantern Festival dream cubs have prepared for us.Since it is the Lantern Festival, naturally, no new clothes!Dark rub rub said, the third brother to bring the appearance of the Lantern Festival “Xingshu Jiluo” can be said to be really the “stars and moon” in the sky for everyone to pick down ~ “Xingshu Jiluo” as yunjin Lou masters stargazing products, natural is very bulingbuling~ plain white as the main color, with star blue to cloud blue transition color,If the day will dawn when the stars compose at the texture of the sky, it is a second to let a person sink into the stars.And skirt place was to use the xingzi chart of basaltic star, with gold line hook draw and become, Elegant but do not break your childe temperament ~ the xingyue element that hair crown also blended in intention at the same time, let whole exterior as if yi yi unripe brightness ~ did not say, others Lantern Festival appreciate the lamp appreciate the moon, this dream directly appreciate shaoxia!In addition to the appearance, don’t forget our dream cub or professional happy whole live small expert ~ so this online pendant and water mount is also…….Coco love Aramon!Take this waist hanging · year after year, the whole body is through the “lovely” two words ~ but is more see more lovely!After all…It is the god of wealth form of small fish ah!I’ll have to hang this fish for a year for the coppers he’s carrying!Metaphysics bricks, the most useful!(No –) If nothing else, just for the exact same model, I thought ok!In addition to goldfish, the Lantern Festival will also be a turtle.Also brought to the sight of the little xia……Wait, so this year’s Lantern Festival is about water creatures?!The water mount · Free and untrammeled tour, using is the white sea turtle shape ~ inexplicable reminds me of that big spoon……It’s too big to fit in one spoonful!But!The only word that stands out is “reliable”!And, the most interesting or, although the pleasure tour for the water mount, but do not hinder the little xia people call it, after all, turtles are amphibians!The result, of course, is that you can walk too slowly. Don’t panic, this wave is also known as the World Walk, so which new item did the young warriors like best?Welcome to discuss in the comments section!