With fans all over the world, Brazilian model social media platforms rake in 1.7 million a year just for the shape of their feet

2022-04-27 0 By

According to the Daily Star on February 6, a Brazilian woman has doubled her profits after her feet attracted legions of fee-obsessed fans to buy the shoes she recommends.In recent years, many people have spoken openly about one particular hobby, foot obsession, which has become more and more popular in recent years, regardless of gender.Suzy Cortez is a new model from Brazil who stumbled upon a number of foot lovers among her followers.She went on air to show off a pair of shoes that have seen sales soar as fans love her feet.Since discovering the passcode, she has continued to attract more people on her own feet, and says it is rare to find innovation in a career. Her subscriptions have increased by 50 per cent since she announced she was going to shoot a podiatrist portrait.The South American beauty’s only way to make money is through her social media accounts, which she admits earn £195,000 a year.According to Her, the photos she posted on the platform are the same ones she took in Playboy magazine, and she hopes they will be liked by more people.Although her fans come from all over the world, she can’t communicate with everyone in real time, which makes her feel frustrated, because she thinks every girl should learn to love life and love herself as she does.At present, she plans to open a yoga class, whose teaching goal is to make every girl learn to please herself. She thinks it is a woman’s right and we should not put our happiness on men. She hopes more women can learn to be independent like her.