This car, it still has a place of its own

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From the point of brand positioning and vehicle conditions, S60 belonging to luxury mid-level sedans, nowadays the competition consists of class C, 3 series, A4L, IS, Q50L and XEL, option IS diverse, yet even less noisy car market today, but for some brands, such as “BBA”), the level still have a pivotal position.As for the rest of the car, it’s not without its attractions. Dynamic character is still a common advantage in this class compared to the SUV army, and this is also one of the main evolution items that the original manufacturer emphasized on the new S60.The third-generation S60 is just the last piece of the SPA-platform front, so there’s no lack of new family elements like the Drive-E power, but we don’t think this new car lacks uniqueness. It’s the most “compact” sedan in Volvo’s new-generation lineup, and it makes you wonder how the original company will shape its personality.Volvo’s C/P rating is not necessarily inferior to that of its rivals, as it is fairly crisply equipped among European luxury brands.In addition with the original design feeling for a long time, adhere to create a brand image, such as focus on security also is one of Volvo’s chip (relative abstract and hard to quantify such project is luxury brands in marketing operation of pipe), and produce a certain percentage of potential customers, and actually see here, is not difficult to imagine S60 even compared to peers, still has its own one day.The new Volvo S60 looks almost unchanged because of its mid-range makeover, but is still available as a sport and luxury model.The luxury model has a straight waterfall front grille with chrome cladding on the outer rim and chrome trim on both sides of the lower lip.In short, if you see chrome on the front, it’s deluxe.The sport version, on the other hand, uses black dot grille and does not use chrome on the front, but is durable enough to look at regardless of appearance.The Volvo S60 is one of the few luxury brand mid-level sedans in the same class that is not fully extended. The side proportion of the standard axle model is exceptionally tight and coordinated.The obviously raised waist line in the c-pillar area effectively improves the visual center of gravity of the rear of the car and greatly increases the sense of movement. I believe the design of short front suspension and long rear suspension is also to balance the front and rear weight. These details really make me look forward to its dynamic performance.Inside the car, the overall design of the S60, to be honest, is technically a bit less refreshing, but the atmosphere is still unique. The human-oriented, homelike atmosphere always makes the occupant feel elegant and relaxed, with the requisite technological elements including a 12.3-inch virtual dashboard and a 9-inch Sensus multimedia system.On the other hand, the sports car seat and other parts set off the image of running frame, but on the whole, this kind of element is not overwhelming in the use of proportion, it is not difficult to find that the original factory still focuses on the construction of luxury texture.The length of the car is 4761mm, the wheelbase is 2872mm, I feel that the space is fully enough, in fact, the rear row space, mainly for the service of comfort, and the decision of comfort, not only the space, sitting position and seat ergonomics design is also the key, the new Volvo S60 is obviously belongs to the focus on sitting position and ergonomics of that kind.Perhaps in Volvo’s eyes, a short-axle body is worthy of a sport car’s heritage.Volvo also upgraded the CLEANZONE cockpit system with the introduction of AAC (Advanced Air Cleaner) dual-effect enhanced Air purification system that efficiently filters particles less than 1 micron in diameter (PM1) to keep virus-absorbing particles out of the car as much as possible.The 2022 Volvo S60 has replaced the 48V hybrid powertrain. The B4 model’s engine has a maximum of 197 horsepower and a maximum torque of 300N·m. It matches the highly stable Aisin 8AT transmission, and the core components are quite different.The 48V hybrid system not only greatly enhances driving quality, but also optimizes the output range of peak torque in power tuning.Take VERSION B4 as an example, its peak torque output starting point is reduced from 1700rpm to 1500rpm, which can greatly enhance the confidence of overtaking and changing lanes under the general standard rapid acceleration condition.In comfortable mode, the engine started with almost no noise or shake, and the tachometer stayed well below 700rpm when idling. The light start and instantaneous linear acceleration made me mistake it for version B5, and the firewall-filtered engine roar never slacked off in second and third gear after starting.Undoubtedly, the features of the movement mode are more intimidating. The speed pointer is always kept at 1500rpm ready to start. As long as I dare to step on it, the subsequent speed/power will both rise in direct proportion, and the power reserve is endless.In terms of chassis performance, the overall tonality is slightly hard, and the feedback of road sense is clear. From the impact feeling at the moment of rolling the pit and the subsequent cushioning of the shock absorber cylinder, we can know that these “information” is not composed of the fine vibration of the suspension that has not been processed, and the driving texture can still match the positioning of luxury cars.When driving at high speed, the spring and shock absorber match is still good, so that the stability can be taken into account, there is no disturbing floating feeling, the overall balance setting is excellent.Finally, talking about cornering performance, the S60 steering feel is light, not sharp style, high and low speed auxiliary force change is not much, the original factory does not seem to deliberately create driving fun.But fortunately, the front direction is accurate, and the pace of body follow-up is still called real-time. As long as it is not too radical and the load transfer is slight, the overall can bring a bit of coordination and flexible feeling.In fact, the new S60’s overall performance is quite high, but why did we point out at the beginning of this article that the buyers who can drive it are a confident and low-key group?The reason is that many luxury consumers still buy cars based on the perspective of others. Therefore, if they pay more attention to the essence of car making and like European atmosphere and car driving feeling, the new Volvo S60 is worth going to Volvo 4S shop to experience it.