Study: Omicron as dangerous to unvaccinated as Delta

2022-04-27 0 By

China News on February 13Antonino Giarratano, president of the Italian Association of Anaesthesia and Intensive Care (Siaarti), said that a series of studies are under way to show that the omicron variant strain is no less dangerous than Delta for unvaccinated people, Euronet quoted The European Union News agency as saying.File photo: August 9, 2021, Italy officially launched the “green Pass” program nationwide on August 6.The regulation requires people over the age of 12 to show a “green pass” when entering indoor places such as museums, cinemas, gyms and exhibitions.Currently, nearly 80 percent of patients in Italy’s intensive care units are infected with Omicron, and two-thirds of them are unvaccinated, according to the report.In addition, since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, 252,8024 novel coronavirus infections have occurred in adolescents and children under the age of 19 in Italy, including 13,632 hospitalizations, 323 in intensive care and 44 deaths.The death rate of unvaccinated patients in Italy was 103 per 100,000 people, nine times that of those who completed two doses of vaccine within 120 days, and 23 times that of those who completed the third dose of vaccine, according to a report released by the Italian National Institute of Health (ISS) on February 12.According to the study, the hospitalization rate of unvaccinated people in Italy was 399 per 100,000 inhabitants, six times that of those who had completed two doses of vaccine within 120 days, and 10 times that of those who had completed a third dose.The study also showed that the vaccine was 64 percent effective at preventing infection 90 days after completing two doses, 52 percent effective at 91 to 120 days, and 42 percent effective at 120 days.After completing the third dose, the vaccine was 66 percent effective in preventing infection.(Po)