Steady!Biden and Putin speak for the first time this year, and THE US is driven to ‘hysteria’

2022-04-27 0 By

According to us media previously reported that Biden has “Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” the exact date locked in this month 16, this news like a bombshell caused a sensation in the world.This is accompanied by the “stampede evacuation” of Western countries. More than a dozen countries have explicitly advised their citizens to leave Ukraine, which has also caused considerable chaos in Ukraine.Despite the relatively high accuracy of the CIA’s intelligence, many people in the West are skeptical of the White House’s message this time, and by all indications, Russia is not ready for war, nor is war likely.US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin held their first scheduled phone call of the year yesterday, in what was described as a “key change in the situation in Ukraine”.But the truth is that Europeans have little hope that their calls will change the situation. In three successive rounds of talks last month, the United States and Russia failed to agree.When France and Britain stepped in again this month, still without a deal, a phone call between Mr Putin and Mr Biden could turn the tide.Sure enough, CNN reported that after more than an hour on the phone, nothing had changed.As a result, The United States still “does not fully understand” Putin’s ultimate intentions, and Putin could still strike at any time.But Mr. Biden preempted the rhetoric, saying that any further Russian incursions into Ukraine would result in swift and severe costs for a decisive U.S. response that would lower Russia’s standing in the world.This is not the first time that Russia has been threatened by the United States on similar grounds at least dozens of times, according to one count.But Yuri Ushakov, a Russian foreign policy aide, said the US President had somehow become “hysterical” on the call.Although calls the reason is, at the request of Washington and the United States is concerned that Russia is “invasion” Ukraine, looks very nice, but at first biden will hype the seriousness of the situation for many times, and always said some similar words, throughout Russia played very calm, don’t understand why Joe biden was so excited,And why the US deliberately fed the media disinformation about Russia’s alleged “intrusion”.It is also worth noting that Russia’s “issues of principle” have never changed.Putin told Biden that Russia would of course carefully analyze U.S. concerns, but unfortunately, the West and The United States have ignored the core elements of The Russian initiative, which is to prevent further expansion of NATO and refuse to include other members, especially Ukraine. Biden did not respond to this information.”A phone call didn’t make the situation any better, it just made it look worse,” us media commented.We have reason to believe that Russia is planning a threat to get the United States to change its strategy, but will they eventually do so?No one could have predicted that.”