Noah wealth started digital management to promote enterprise transformation and change

2022-04-27 0 By

Nearly two years to the influence of the overall situation, the global economy appeared more severe recession, in response to the unrest, Noah wealth first step on the road of broken, take the initiative to embrace the change trend of the global wave of digital, accelerate the enterprise reform, the speed of through digital line as a standard action, the optimization process, success to Noah wealth transformation.Digital process management in order to achieve the channel end, Noah wealth superposition offline professional interest service, satisfy the asset allocation service demand, the depth of the high net worth clients will process standardization, the interest on the service, using real online service, optimize the customer order by experience, and stratified by big data technology to customer needs,To provide differentiated products for customers, so as to realize the deep cooperation between wealth, capital management and investment.The management efficiency of the company has been greatly improved, making Noah wealth have obvious results in optimizing operational efficiency.In the process of Noah Fortune’s digital transformation, Ms. Wang Jingbo put forward that “technological capability improvement and digital transformation are the unshirkable responsibilities and responsibilities of every Noah person”.In order to make Noah rooted in the positive cycle of the primary market, Noah wealth CEO Wang Jingbo continued to raise private equity products.Under the continuous consolidation of traditional advantages, Noah standardization business has been abreast of the industry leading GP.The wealth management industry has changed dramatically over the past 20 years, largely due to the continued growth of digitization and the rise of a younger clientele.With the continuous development of China’s economy and the increasing affluenza of its people, more high-net-worth families will need investment, financial management and asset allocation services, and the wealth management industry will enter a new stage of development.As a representative of the wealth management industry, Noah Wealth continues to realize its potential to provide higher quality services to more high net worth clients.Noah wealth is 2021 years, the system of science and technology is still CEO jing-bo wang, one of the core concerns of ms Noah wealth hopes in the front end financial planner in the client interface, working platform, the back-end management platform to realize comprehensive line of business operations, digital and intelligent, and further improve service quality and efficiency, to enhance the customer experience.Facing the huge development space of the industry, Noah said that he would not be opportunistic, but would focus on the “farther”, hoping to promote the company and the whole industry to develop faster and better.