History of The Three Kingdoms: Why was Pang Tong, known as the Phoenix, not promoted by Zhou Yu

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At the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, when the world was in chaos, the Dukes were divided.We all know that many counsellors in The Three Kingdoms period are very famous in history. Compared with the counsellors in other troubled times, the counsellors in The Three Kingdoms period are very famous in history.When it comes to the counsellors of The Three Kingdoms period, everyone will think of one sentence: “Wolong phoenix chick can be safe in the world!”But Liu Bei had it both ways!Wolong Zhuge Liang was invited by Liu Bei to visit the hut three times. Pang Tong was not liu Bei’s man but a man of Wu. Pang Tong was zhou Yu’s officer of merit.Why did Pang Tong, known as Phoenix, only serve as a cao in Zhou Yu’s hands?Why didn’t Zhou Yu put Pang Tong in a higher position?We all know that pang tong and zhuge liang, which bodes, ability nature is didn’t have to say, besides sun-style gens occupied jiangdong already has three generations, sun-style can according to Jiang Dongshun hearts, into the industry is inseparable from the nature of Wang Ba jiangdong local cremation of large family support, namely jiangdong cremation became the soochow core strength, and pang tong is jingzhou RenShi,Besides, sun Quan had many counsellors at that time, such as Lu Su, Gu Yong, Zhuge Jin, Zhang Zhao, Zhang Weng and so on. There was no shortage of counsellors. Even if Zhou Yu recommended Pang Tong to Sun Quan, Pang Tong couldn’t show his talents, but was restricted everywhere, affecting the internal unity of Jiangdong!Said pang Tong in Zhou Yu’s hand also can’t be regarded as not reuse!We all know that Zhou Yu was the commander-in-chief of jiangdong and the highest military officer in the region. However, in fact, Zhou Yu’s official position was very low. He was only the prefect of Jianan Prefecture, which means that zhou Yu’s power was as big as that of a prefect.An officer under the jurisdiction of the officer has merit cao, master book, secretary of post, secretary of post, history, and other positions, which county government subordinate by the county magistrate hired by their own, with the highest merit cao, in turn as the main book, governor post, etc..That is to say, Zhou Yu was the prefect of Nanjun at that time, and Pang Tong was his subordinate. This position and authority were not small, only second to Zhou Yu’s prefect!Therefore, Zhou Yu did not refuse pang Tong, but gave him a good position within his power.From the above analysis, Pang Tong was not rejected by Zhou Yu. On the contrary, He was highly valued by Zhou Yu. However, Zhou Yu did not recommend Pang Tong to Sun Quan because of his low official position, thus making Pang Tong work under him.What do you think?