Across the country, 315 | 100 city consumer satisfaction assessment report!Here are the highlights

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On March 13, 2022, China Consumers Association held a press conference in Beijing to officially release the 2021 100 Cities Consumer Satisfaction Evaluation Report.The evaluation results show that in 2021, the comprehensive score of consumer satisfaction in 100 cities in China is 80.59, which is generally at a good level and shows a trend of steady increase.According to reports, the Association has been continuously carrying out consumer satisfaction measurement since 2017, and since 2018, this work has been further strengthened under the deployment and guidance of the State Administration for Market Regulation.In 2017, 50 cities were selected for evaluation. In 2018, the number of evaluation cities increased to 70. Since 2019, the evaluation range has remained stable at 100 cities.The 2021 consumer satisfaction evaluation index system consists of 3 first-level indicators, 16 second-level indicators and 25 third-level indicators. The 100 evaluated cities mainly include municipalities directly under the central Government, provincial capitals (capital cities), cities specifically designated in the state plan and some cities with high retail sales of consumer goods.This evaluation mainly adopts field stop-visit survey in the sense of statistics and sociology. The third-party professional survey institution organized by China Consumers’ Association carried out simultaneously in 100 cities from October to December 2021, and a total of 60,424 valid samples were recovered.Figure: The evaluation results of consumer satisfaction in 2021 show that the comprehensive score of consumer satisfaction in 100 cities in 2021 is 80.59 points, 1.27 points higher than that in 2020, and the first time to break 80 points.Among the three first-level indicators, consumption supply scored the highest with 81.93 points.Consumption environment scored 80.52 points.The index score of “consumer rights protection” was 80.05, which ranked the lowest, but showed the biggest improvement compared with previous years.The evaluation results show that the overall level of consumer satisfaction in 2021 is good, and the evaluation results of consumer satisfaction have improved steadily for four consecutive years.From the perspective of regional comparison and overall performance of cities, there are still large regional differences in consumer satisfaction. Except for individual cities, the scores of eastern and southern cities and cities with high level of economic development are significantly higher than those of central and western China and cities with average economic development.The overall satisfaction score of all cities is stable, and most cities’ scores have increased. Suzhou, Hangzhou, Qingdao, Nanjing, Wuxi, Yantai, Changzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Xiamen and other cities have the highest consumer satisfaction score, and 37 cities have higher scores than the national comprehensive score.Pair, said an official with the related comprehensive carding for five consecutive years the city pair customer satisfaction evaluation results, customer satisfaction scores are generally in good level, which suggests that the local governments, relevant departments and social attention and joint efforts of the parties around the consumption environment construction have made substantial progress, customer feedback good;In particular, in the context of the ongoing epidemic prevention and control, local governments have paid close attention to people’s livelihood, strengthened the requirements of ensuring stability in six aspects and promoting consumption in accordance with local conditions, and achieved remarkable results in protecting consumer rights, which has played a key role in improving overall satisfaction.At the same time, the relevant person in charge of the Chinese Consumers association also said that due to the uncertainty of the international and domestic consumption environment and the impact of the epidemic, we should also see the consumer demands and environmental concerns reflected in the short board of consumer satisfaction measurement.To this end, the Association put forward five suggestions: 1. Continue to optimize consumption supply, deeply stimulate the potential of consumption, fully stimulate the vitality of the supply side, and strive to improve the innovation of supply.2. Comprehensively improve the consumer environment, vigorously enhance consumer confidence, build a more authentic and credible consumer environment, effectively guarantee consumer safety, improve consumer spending power and consumer confidence, etc.3. Accelerate the improvement of the rights protection system, effectively strengthen the protection of rights and interests, so that the majority of consumers from their daily life to cultivate confidence in the social rights protection system, effectively respond to the impact of new forms of business and new models on the rights protection system, constantly strengthen the work of rights protection to improve work efficiency.4. We will strengthen consumer supervision, constantly improve the effectiveness of supervision, accelerate the improvement of supervision and law enforcement mechanisms, further leverage the effectiveness of departmental coordination mechanisms, and give full play to technological advantages to facilitate smart supervision and credit supervision.5. Pay attention to strengthening inter-regional communication, fully smooth market circulation, establish an integrated policy system, strengthen inter-regional circulation of consumption supply, and strengthen the experience exchange of consumer satisfaction.In the next stage, the Consumers’ Association will inform the evaluated cities of the specific results of the evaluation in batches, and organize the local consumers’ association to conduct in-depth research on further improving the satisfaction of consumers in the evaluated cities by means of expert evaluation, consumer research, big data analysis, etc.We will provide full support to local governments in promoting a safe consumption environment, improving the systems and mechanisms for protecting consumers’ rights and interests, and enhancing consumer satisfaction.In the future, CCCA will continue to carry out consumer satisfaction assessment in 100 cities, focusing on rural revitalization and improvement of rural consumption environment, and promoting continuous improvement of urban and rural consumption environment.Attached: Consumer satisfaction score and ranking chart of 100 cities