The real reason of Han Xinbai general

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It was in the first year of Emperor Gaodi of han dynasty, 206 BC, about July.At that time, Han Xin, a native of Huaiyin, had a poor family and no good virtue. He could not be elected to be an official, nor could he make a living by doing business.Han Xin used to go fishing at the foot of the city. An old lady, who was washing silk wool by the water, saw that han Xin was hungry and offered him food.Han Xin was very happy and said to the old lady, “I will repay you very heavily.”The old lady said angrily, “A man can’t support himself!Do I expect to repay you by taking pity on your son and giving you a meal?”One of the young butchers in Huaiyin County insulted Han Xin, saying, “Although you are tall and like to wear swords, you are timid in heart.”He took the opportunity to publicly humiliate him and said, “Han Xin, if you are not afraid of death, come and stab me.If you fear death, crawl between my legs!”After looking at the young man carefully for a moment, Han Xin bent down and crawled under his crotch.All the people in the market laughed at Han Xin, thinking he was timid.When Xiang Liang crossed the Huai River to the north, Han Xin went to him with a sword and remained under Xiang Liang.After xiang Liang’s defeat, Han Xin was assigned to Xiang Yu, who appointed him a doctor.Han Xin had proposed ideas to Xiang Yu many times, but Xiang Yu did not accept them.When Liu Bang, the king of Han, entered the middle of Shu, Han Xin fled from the Chu army and joined the King of Han, still unknown.Thirteen of his collaborators had already been beheaded. When it was Han Xin’s turn, han Xin looked up and just saw Duke Teng and Xiahou Ying. He said, “Doesn’t the King of Han want to take over the world?Why kill strong men?”The Duke of Teng felt that his words were extraordinary, and seeing his appearance of power and grandeur, he set him free without beheading him. He talked with him and was very happy, and then told the king of Han about the situation.Therefore, the king of Han gave Han Xinzhi the post of commander of su, but he did not think anything unusual about him.Han Xin talked to Xiao he several times, xiao he felt that he was different from ordinary people.When the King of Han arrived in Nanzheng, all the generals and soldiers sang a song yearning for the east and returning to their hometown, and many of them fled halfway.Han Xin estimated that Xiao He and others had recommended him to the King of Han many times, but the King did not use him, they also fled.When Xiao He heard that Han Xin had escaped, he went after han Xin himself without informing the king of Han.Someone told the king of Han, “Prime Minister Xiao He has fled.”The Han King was furious, as if he had lost his right hand.A day or two later, Xiao He came to pay homage to the king of Han.Angry and delighted, the king of Han scolded Xiao He and said, “Why are you running away?”Xiao he said, “I didn’t dare to run away. I just ran after those who ran away.”The king of Han asked, “Who are you chasing?””It’s Han Xin,” xiao said.The king of Han scolded again: “Tens of generals have fled, but you don’t go after them. It’s a lie to say you’re chasing Han Xin!””Those generals are easy to get,” Xiao said.As for a man like Han Xin, he is a peerless talent.Your Majesty, if you want to be king of Hanzhong for a long time, you will have no use for Han xin.If you must fight for the world, except Han Xin, there is no one who can conspired with you.It only depends on which choice you make!”The King of Han said: “I also want to enter the east, how can I stay here all the time depressed!”Xiao he said, “If you are determined to develop eastward and can appoint Han Xin, han Xin will stay here. If you cannot appoint him, he will run away after all.”The King of Han said, “Then I will appoint him to be a general for your sake.””Even as a general, Han Xin would not stay,” Xiao said.The king said, “Let him be a general.”Xiao he said, “That’s great.”So the king of Han wanted to call in Han Xin and grant him an official post.Xiao He said, “Your Majesty, you are always arrogant and insolent. Now you want to appoint a general, but you are like Shouting at a child. That is why Han Xin wants to leave.If you must give him an office, choose a lucky day.To fast, to build altars in the square, to prepare for the ceremony of worship, this is ok.”The king of Han granted Xiao he’s request.When the generals heard the news, they all rejoiced and thought they would get the post of grand general.However, the whole army was surprised when han Xin was appointed as a general.After the ceremony for appointing Han Xin, the king of Han sat down and said, “The prime minister has praised you many times to me. What plan will you take to guide me?”Han Xin meekly asked the king, “Now go east to fight for the world. Isn’t xiang Yu your opponent?”The King said, “Yes.”Han Dazhong said, “Your Majesty, please evaluate for yourself. Who is better than Xiang Yu in bravery, fiercness, kindness and firmness?”After a long silence, han Wang said, “I am not as good as him.”Han Xin bowed down and praised him, saying, “I also think your Majesty is not as good as him in these aspects.But I once served Xiang Yu, so let me tell you something about him.Thousands of people were frightened into silence when Xiang Yu shouted and railed, but he could not appoint a virtuous general.It was just sheer courage.Xiang Yu was respectful and kind to others, and his words were gentle. When others were ill, he would shed tears with pity and share what he had eaten with them.But when the person he appointed deserved a knighthood for his meritorious service, he held the seal tightly in his hand and could not bear to bestow it on him even though his edges were polished.This is what they call the kindness of women.Although Xiang Yu ruled the world and made vassals submit to him, he did not occupy Guanzhong but established pengcheng as his capital.Betraying the agreement of King Huai, the righteous emperor, and entrusting his cronies and favored generals as Kings, the vassals were indignant.He also expelled the original king of the vassal states and made the general ministers of the vassal states king and exiled the Yi Emperor to the South of the Yangtze River.There was no land through which his army passed without destruction;The people did not want to get close to him and cling to him, but they were forced by his power to submit.As a result, although he is still a hegemon in name, he has lost the hearts and minds of the whole world. Therefore, it is easy for him to turn strong into weak.Now, your Majesty, if you can really go against the trend and employ the world’s brave and skillful talents, what rivals cannot you annihilate?Give the cities of the whole heaven to meritorious officials. Who is there who does not faithfully submit to them?With just military action to make those soldiers who yearn for the east to return to their hometown to submit, then what enemy can not be defeated, defeated?Moreover, the three Kings who were enfeited in the land of Qin were all former generals of the Qin Dynasty. They had led the sons of The Qin Dynasty in war for years, and countless people had been killed and fled.They deceived their subordinates and surrendered to Xiang Yu. As a result, when they arrived at Xin ‘an, Xiang Yu deceived and buried more than 200,000 qin soldiers alive, but Zhang Han, Sima Xin and Dong Yi escaped.Qin di’s brothers and fathers hated these three people and hated them with great pain.Now Xiang Yu, relying on his power, forced the three Kings, the people of Qin do not love them.Your Majesty, when you entered the Pass, you did nothing. You abolished the harsh and cruel laws of the Qin Dynasty, and negotiated three rules with the people of the qin Dynasty. There is no one who does not want you to be king in the pass.And according to the original agreement with the vassals, your Majesty should be king in Guanzhong.All the people in Guanzhong know this.You lost your rightful throne and went to Hanzhong. There is no common people in Qin who do not resent you.Now, your Majesty, if you raise your army to the east, the land of the Three Qin states can be pacify as long as you issue a petition.”Therefore, the king of Han was so pleased that he thought it was too late to obtain Han Xin’s talent. So he followed Han Xin’s plan and ordered his generals to attack the army, leaving Xiao He to collect taxes from Ba and Shu to provide food for the army.And Han Xin eventually also official worship general, history.Endure what ordinary people can not endure, and finally get what ordinary people can not get.