How powerful is protectorate?Do barrel rolls in the face of American fighter jets, and the Americans leave without looking back

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Do you know who China’s “national defense machine” is?Its name may be many people have not heard of, but in the eyes of the American army, it is indeed an absolute god of air war, it is a j-11BH fighter aircraft fuselage number 24.According to information released by the PLA Air Force, the J-11BH fighter, whose fuselage number is 24, belongs to China’s naval aviation force. The letter H after THE J-11B refers to the navy. The J-11BH was commissioned between 2012 and 2013, and was first commissioned by a certain division and a regiment of the PLA Naval Aviation Force stationed on Hainan Island.The regiment is equipped with a total of 24 J-11BH single-seat fighters.Speaking of our air force, it is a presence that terrifies americans.As early as 1965, when the Vietnam War just broke out, the US military had repeatedly sent fighter jets to the airspace of the South China Sea to conduct provocations and test the strength of the Chinese air force. Not to be outdone in the face of the US military’s provocations, the PLA immediately dispatched the 4th North Sea Fleet Aviation Division to haikou Airport on Hainan Island.The Air force will further strengthen its air defense capabilities in the Beibu Gulf region.But it is worth noting that the PLA has a “don’t open the first shot”, this also lead to we have always been unable to occupy the initiative battlefield, the first deputy chief of staff of the general staff’s then Yang Chengwu choose up report, the request of the CPC Central Committee rescind the “six sets”, the invasion of China’s airspace combat jets take the initiative, after receiving the request,Chairman MAO agreed immediately, and quickly changed the rules, agreed to let our military initiative, and also is the decision, to turn the disadvantage of the Chinese air force, in the battlefield, the sight of U.S. military provocation, we didn’t face, directly sent aircraft scrambled, execute a series of interception mission, ruthlessly hit the arrogance of the air force.But in times of peace, changed again, if two countries military confrontation in the air, as long as the other party not active invasion of their own airspace, must avoid using their own military aircraft missile, and the only means of warning, also only use maneuver to fend off the enemy planes, which gave us a chance again.In 2014, after a long rest, the US Air Force once again came to the area around the South China Sea, trying to put some pressure on China’s 094 strategic nuclear submarine, which had just formed its combat effectiveness.Although we cannot use weapons in the face of us military provocations, it does not mean that we cannot show our strength.In the process of expulsion of U.S. military aircraft, we have sent a number of 24 fighters – 11 bh fighters, rapid close to American troops sent to provocation of P – 8 a “Poseidon” anti-submarine patrol aircraft, the recent distance is only 15 meters, and in such a close distance to the U.S. spy plane to a very breathtaking action “barrel roll”,At the same time, he also showed the missile under the wing of the American spy plane, which almost did not frighten the American pilot to death, and even the head did not have time to flee.After the interception, the J-11BH no. 24 gained the title of “Protector of the Nation” and the Americans realized that the PLA had a hundred ways to deal with them, even if it could not use force.