Gusts above force 9!Hohhot issued a yellow warning for strong winds and snow the day after tomorrow

2022-04-26 0 By

The meteorological Observatory of Hohhot will upgrade the blue warning signal issued at 10:15 am on March 26, 2022 to the yellow warning signal of strong wind:According to the actual monitoring, the gusts in most areas of the city have reached level 8 or above, it is expected that the wind will continue to increase from this afternoon to night, gusts may reach level 9 or above, accompanied by short sand-blowing weather, please take precautions.(early warning information source: national center for early warning information release) today (March 26), the structure of the east and Midwest winds weather in Inner Mongolia, the hulun buir city in the northeast region has to snow, at the same time, the central and western winds continue to online, short-term wind magnitude 7 above, Hohhot, baotou and other places have flying sand and dust weather, please pay attention to guard against.Under the influence of cold air, hulunbuir and Xingan League in Inner Mongolia saw rain and snow yesterday, while most parts of western and central China saw strong winds.Monitoring shows that yesterday 08 to 08 today, 12 stations in 10 counties of 3 league cities in the region have precipitation, ranging from 0.1 to 3.5 mm.There was moderate snow at 2 stations, light snow at 5 stations, and light rain at 5 stations. The largest snowfall occurred in Genhe City of Hulun Buir city, with a snowfall of 3.5 mm.Snow fell in Molidawa Daur Autonomous Banner in Hulunbuir yesterday.Today, Inner Mongolia continued snow in the east and strong winds in the west and central part of the weather pattern.It is expected that today xingunita north, Hulunbuir city, most of the scattered light snow or sleet, hulunbuir city northeast part of the snow, local snow.Baotou city, Hohhot and other western central areas of the strong wind, average wind 5, 6, gusts up to 7 or above, accompanied by sand or dust weather, Baotou city meteorological observatory has issued a blue warning signal for strong wind at 08:45 today.At the same time, according to the Inner Mongolia observatory forecast, tomorrow, the northeast area cloudy, northeast Xingan League, hulun Buir north and southeast scattered light snow or sleet, the rest of the region between sunny and cloudy;Force 4, 5 northwest winds in the southeast.The day after tomorrow, the central and southeastern areas will be cloudy, eastern Ordos city, eastern Baotou city, north and south of Hohhot city, most of Wulanchabu City, most of Xilin Gol League, Chifeng City, Tongliao City, most of Xingan League, southeastern hulun Buir city with light snow, sleet or light rain,Some areas in the northeast of Xilin Gol League and some areas in the west of Xingan League had moderate snow, while other areas were sunny and cloudy.The westerly winds of class 4 and 5 are 6 and 7, while the westerly winds of class 4 and 5 are 6 and southwesterly winds.In terms of temperature, except for Chifeng city and Tongliao city today, the highest temperature in most of the region is below 10℃, and the highest temperature in Hulun Buir city is not more than 4℃.Tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, temperatures will rise from west to east.It is expected that the day after tomorrow, most of the west central region, Chifeng city, Tongliao city and other eastern southern areas of the highest temperature will rise to 15 degrees Celsius and above, among them, the highest temperature in Hohhot city of 16 degrees Celsius, Wuhai city of the highest temperature can reach 19 degrees.Meteorological experts remind, is currently in the alternate winter and spring, Inner Mongolia cold air activity is frequent, rain and snow wind online at any time, its temperature fluctuations, the public should pay timely attention to weather information, do a good job of snow and snow measures, at the same time, need to pay attention to the timely adjustment of clothing in the switch between cold and warm, timely increase and decrease clothing.Source of this issue: Inner Mongolia Weather, China Weather Net, North News